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The Narvik Region: City of Narvik, Ofoten & Southern Troms Fjords

Narvik and the Ofoten Region

One of the largest initial battles of the Second World War was fought at Narvik. 1,500-metre-high mountains jet straight up from the fjord and entice one to take neverending s  Read more

Red Cross War Memorial Museum

In the spring of 1940, Nazi Germany suffered its first defeat in Narvik at the hands of Norwegian, British, French and Polish forces. The Red Cross War Memorial Museum tells t  Read more

Off-piste skiing in Narvik

Narvik is emerging as a new and exciting off-piste skiing region with challenging terrain and good weather conditions. You just need to make sure that you have the right guide  Read more

Narvik - Northern Lights across all borders

Somewhere in the wild and rugged landscape around Narvik, there will be clear weather and an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Join a Northern Lights safari in t  Read more

Rallarveien - "The Navvy Trail" - scenery, history, passion"

Imagine an easy ramble through a magnificent, untouched landscape of mountains, dales and waterfalls. Add a large helping of cultural history and a melodrama of unhappy love,  Read more

Along the Coastal Heritage Road

The drive from Bodø to Harstad is full of dramatic natural scenery, with a cultural heritage spanning from rock carvings and the Sami to modern industry – dominated by...  Read more

Tinja Mountain Logde - Gourmet and Solitude

When you come to Tinja to hike in the mountains and to eat well, you don’t know what you’re going to eat or where you’ll be walking. The many repeat visitors think that’s...  Read more

Museum Nord – All about Narvik

From being just a single farm, Narvik was transformed into a centre of growth and the most modern town in Northern Norway in just five years. Museum Nord gives you the full, f  Read more

The Ofoten Railway - 1 Hour Across Norway

A 42km train journey from Narvik to the Swedish border takes you from fjord to mountain through a wild, dramatic, uninhabited landscape. The story of the building of the railw  Read more

Narvik – a wild summer drama

Take a boat, train or helicopter tour around one of Norway’s wildest and most rugged fjords that looks back on some of World War II’s most dramatic history, and return on...  Read more

Skjomen Golf Park at Narvik

Playing golf on the course at Skjomen is a risky game. If you hit a salmon in the river, you have to treat everyone on the course to a salmon dinner with champagne.  Read more

Guided tour to Mount Stetind

Mount Stetind in Nordland has been voted Norway’s national mountain. Why not try a guided tour to the summit, 1392 metres above sea level.  Read more

Through Ofoten and Vesterålen

Mountainous, majestic Ofoten and green, windswept Vesterålen form an irresistible combination: from border mountains to the wide open sea.  Read more
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