Our business channels and media tools

Here are six useful tools and digital platforms for you and your business in the travel and experience industry:

iLag – online community for the northern tourism

Common platform for partners of the travel industry – for communication and sharing enlightning content with each other (in Norwegian). Read exciting news and important knowledge for your business at ilag.nordnorge.com.

Facebook – business page for the northern tourism

Follow us, comment and share our posts on our joint business page (in Norwegian) at facebook.com/nordnorskreiseliv. Share your posts with the tag @nordnorskreiseliv.

TravelTrade – online community for international business

Our common platform for joint ventures between foreign operators and Northern Norwegian companies with export ambitions (in English). Make your connection to the Northern Norwegian experiences and international B2B initiatives at traveltrade.nordnorge.com (this site is under construction).

LinkedIn – platform for Travel Trade insight and communication

Visit our company profile and get to know our Travel Trade / B2B insight and activities (in English), especially aimed at the foreign markets at linkedin.com/company/nordnorsk-reiseliv.

MyNewsDesk – newsroom for press material

This is a collection of press material with content for the press and media (in English). Find journalists relevant to your content. Visit our newsroom for Northern Norway and Svalbard at mynewsdesk.com/northern-norway.

Mediabank – free photos and films for profiling

Our common mediabank is a collaboration between Northern Norway Tourist Board and most destination companies, municipalities and organisations in Northern Norway (in English). Download photos and films for profiling and marketing your experiences from our international media.nordnorge.com.