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Wildlife Safari in Vesterålen

In spring and summer the wildlife in Vesterålen is the most active. The midnight sun, makes nighttime wildlifetours ideal, since the animals are most active at night.

April is felt already in April, with seagulls, oystercatchers, fighting hares etc. In late April the Black grouse dances to impress the females. In June and July, the fox cubs, the moose calves, the owlets and the baby hares run around. Birdlife is a priority throughout the season. A nightly excursion to see wildlife is very different through the spring and summer season, but always worth it. Vesterålen Tours are experts in photography, and will help you get photos you didn’t think you could make.


April – July




Depends on the season

The tours are made for you

The tours are tailor-made for you, depending on your physical ability, your interest and above all what is in season. In Summer, one should always be out at night, when the human activities slow down. There is, however, no silence in nature,

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