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Kayak between the glaciers and islands of Meløy

The rugged archipelago beneath Svartisen could have been made for kayaking, a place where beginners and advanced kayakers alike can experience fantastic nature from where it can be appreciated best: on the water

There are literally thousands of islands just off a coastline deeply etched with fjords and inlets. You can kayak into the opaque green meltwater of the Holandfjord, out to the lively little fishing village on the island of Bolga, to old abandoned island settlements, and to islets and skerries rich in bird life. Experienced kayakers will love this fantastic landscape and the endless variation, while beginners will appreciate the many protected little inlets where they can learn to paddle safely.

Spend the evening around Grønøya when the waters are calm

The Rocks’n Rivers adventure company in Engavågen in Meløy offers kayaking in this island kingdom. They offer many different trips, but the most popular is an evening excursion in summer to the island of Grønøya. In the evening, the breeze usually drops, the water becomes calm and the evening sun bathes the sea, islands, peaks and even occasional glimpses of Svartisen in warm tones.

You are given full training before departure

The trip starts in a calm inlet in Engavågen. Here the instructor runs through some basic techniques to make everyone safe in their kayaks. It also gives the instructor the chance to get an impression of the body control and strength of the members of the group, and can choose a route accordingly. For a group of beginners, the instructor will make sure that the first part of the trip will be entirely on calm, sheltered waters. Only towards the end of the trip, when people feel safer and more confident, will the group head out on more open waters with a few small waves.

The Kayak instructor will keep you safe

Rocks’n Rivers have experienced instructors with extensive experience in communicating with complete novices. If a kayak overturns, they guarantee to get the kayaker back in the kayak in one minute. Usually it only takes half a minute, and the kayaker has a great story for the dinner table back home. In case you’re wondering – the famous ‘eskimo roll’ is not required for kayaking in the archipelago in Norway. And people don’t overturn that often anyway.

You can also Kayak during the winter months

The winter landscape in Meløy is just as incredibly beautiful as in summer, and there is no ice on the coast. It means that you can still kayak here in winter. However, the waves and weather can be a little more challenging, so Rocks’n Rivers prefer to take kayakers with a little more experience on such trips. Experienced kayakers can also join a four-day camping trip out in the archipelago all year round, pitching camp on beautiful islets and paddling more challenging distances on open waters.

All levels of experience can take a trip in this region

Complete beginners are welcome to go on short trips of about five hours in spring and summer. Just turn up in leisure clothing, and Rocks’n Rivers will take care of the rest. Experienced kayakers will of course also be able to enjoy these trips, but can also enquire about a more challenging programme all year round. Read more about kayaking on the website www.rocksnrivers.no. There are also many more beautiful aspects to Meløy, and you will find out more about that on www.visitmeloy.no . 

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