Kjell Bendik Pedersen

Kirkeporten is a window to the North Cape

Kirkeporten is one of the small miracles along the coast of Northern Norway. This natural arch provides a very special view of the North Cape.

Kirkeporten is a natural rock formation shaped like an arch. Through it, you can look over the Mefjord to the North Cape, with its renowned North Cape Horn. In pre-Christian times, Kirkeporten and the North Cape Horn were both traditional Sami places of sacrifice. Tourists visiting the North Cape who have a little extra time on their hands can enjoy a quiet moment here at the world’s end.

The walk is a leisurely affair

Starting from the fishing village of Skarsvåg, there is a well-marked trail over the ridge of the hill to the Mefjord. The terrain is a little rugged at the start of the descent to the Mefjord, but not so bad that most people can’t manage it. At the midway point, you will already be able to see the North Cape, and as you get closer to the sea, the arch will suddenly come into view behind you. Once you’ve done the walk, you will want to take a photo of Kirkeporten looking from the south to the north, and walk through the arch itself. The whole walk can be done and dusted in an hour, and that includes plenty of time to take photos.

Skarsvåg is the most northern fishing village

Skarsvåg, with its 60 inhabitants, is the world’s most northerly fishing village. The fishermen here fish around the North Cape, particularly during the spring cod fishing season, but it’s pretty quiet here in the summer. You can’t come to Skarsvåg without visiting the Christmas Shop, where the Christmas tree is decorated all year round.

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