Sleep in a tent, visit three countries and see the Midnight Sun

Visit the three Nordic countries on a two-day hike. We hike by the border between Finland and Norway all the way to the border cairn of Finland, Norway and Sweden, spend a night under the Midnight Sun and return the next morning through Malla Strict Nature Reserve.

Nothing like a summer tour in the Lyngenfjord area © Frida Xiang

We have short transfer from Kilpisjärvi, in Finland, to the Norwegian side of the border from where we start our microadventure towards the three country border cairn. We hike across the arctic tundra on the route less traveled in Norway. We enjoy the walk on our own pace, have breaks, eat lunch and after approximately 13 km we arrive to a beautiful mountain cabin surrounded by great places to pitch a tent, facing some of the most wonderful views over the fells of Finland, Sweden and Norway. You can choose whether you prefer to sleep in the cabin or under the stars in a tent. Next morning we have a breakfast and we hike to the border cairn which stands in the middle of the lake. It is surrounded by the duckboards so you can visit Finland, Sweden and Norway just by walking around the border stone.

The Malla Nature Reserve is found in Finland’s far Northwestern Corner

You can take photos and have snacks before we start heading back to Kilpisjärvi on the Finnish side of the border. We walk through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve following the existing marked trail. This way, we protect the fragile arctic nature around us. It takes only 25 people to make a trail that will still be visible in a years time in the arctic landscape, which is why it is prohibited to walk outside the marked trails in Malla. Malla Nature Reserve has a very unique wildlife because of its young geology. The lime content of the soil is special thus producing rare fell vegetation. These are the reasons which make Malla a special place to visit, not to forget the beautiful views we can also enjoy during our 12 km hike through the reserve. We will have breaks to enjoy the nature, take photos and have a lunch on our way.

A guide can teach you a lot

With a guide you can learn about the arctic nature, it’s animals and flora, climate and how it is changing. You will hear about life in the region, both today and in the past. Our guides live in the area all year around, so they know these routes and terrains as their backyard. If you want, your guide can teach you some basics of map reading, fire making and other basic survival skills. You can take part in everything on this trip.
All our trips are weather dependent. We can alter the routes and the dates based on the weather and on the group desires.

Visit Lyngenfjord

This tour runs in the Lyngenfjord area, and your experts here are Visit Lyngenfjord.