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Arctic wildlife

Northern Norway has many beautiful wildlife species. Some of the biggest nesting cliffs in Europe are found by the bountiful sea here and are home to puffins, razorbills, auks, storm petrels, Northern gannets and the mighty sea eagle. Whale species including harbour porpoises, dolphins and humpback whale can often be seen along the coast. Beluga whales and narhval are seen around Svalbard, orcas are seen most frequently during the winter and sperm whales are easy to spot during the summer. The numerous different species of birds makes East Finnmark a very attractive place for birdwatchers. It can be difficult to catch a glimpse of the largest predators such as bears, wolverines, lynx and wolves in their own habitats, but you will find them in wildlife parks in Northern Norway. The polar bear and walrus live in Svalbard, and the easiest way to see them is on boat tours to the northern coast of the islands. It is not difficult to spot reindeer anywhere in Northern Norway and in Svalbard. Elk are often seen also, usually near settlements in Nordland and Troms. 

Five animals you have to meet in Northern Norway

Northern Norway has an abundance of friendly, non-threatening wildlife. From Vega’s eider ducks to Svalbard’s Arctic foxes, you’ll be charmed by some and in awe of others....  Read more

Bird Watching in Northern Norway

Puffins, auks, common guillemots, kittiwakes, northern gannets and cormorants on the bird cliffs, white-tailed eagles along the coast, wading birds in the wetlands and loons o  Read more

Whale safari—an encounter with giants

Some of the giants of the sea, 20-metre-long sperm whales, really enjoy the sea outside Vesterålen. As the females seem to prefer the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, only male...  Read more

To the island of Nord-Fugløy

One of the most inaccessible places in the country is the island of Nord-Fugløy in the far north of Troms. However, the sea eagle and puffin don't think so, for this is one...  Read more

Bird Safari to Gjesværstappan

One of the biggest bird cliffs in Norway is located due west of the North Cape and is home to an impressive variety of species. Almost 1 million puffins live there, along with  Read more

Hornøya – Norway's most easterly point

100,000 sea birds, including the high-Arctic thick-billed murre, inhabit Hornøya, Norway's most easterly point. Take a trip there to get closer to the birds than any other...  Read more

King Crabs - tasty monsters

Out in the fishing fields to pull in the pots. Suddenly, the deck is covered with huge, ugly crabs. Have your photo taken with a king crab – and then get ready for a king...  Read more

Polar Park, an arctic kiss

Wolverine, musk ox and lynx. An albino bear or the rare Arctic fox. Or wolves that pet and kiss those they like: Polar Park in Bardu is a new way to encounter animals.  Read more

View Sea Eagles all Year round

Nordland has 35 % of all the white-tailed eagles in Norway and 20 % of the world population. You will not find a better guarantee for a meeting with this majestic bird of prey  Read more

Birdwatching in Varanger

The bird life in Varanger stands in striking contrast to the landscape; this barren, treeless landscape is home to a huge concentration of bird life. Our feathered friends don  Read more

Island hopping with the “Puffin Line” (Lunderuten)

Who needs to go to Greece to experience island hopping? Take a trip with the Dønna–Lovund ferry instead. Thousands of charming islands, islets and skerries await your...  Read more

Bird safaris to Bleiksøya

80,000 puffin pairs, white-tailed eagles, kittiwakes, cormorants and arctic skuas, not to mention seals on the reefs; life in the sea off Andøya Island is plentiful. Sea...  Read more
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