11 places to relax in Salten Northern Norway

Sometimes you just need to get away, to care for yourself, to relax, to catch your breath. And you don’t really need anything to happen. Sleep in, eat delicious food, go for a short walk—Salten is full of these little getaways where you can just breathe.

We have found some options for accommodation where you can stay for a few days, relax and do next to nothing. These are accommodations with soul and personality, which you’ll either fall into reverie over or not see the point of at all. Read carefully and find the perfect place where you can really sleep in.

The immersion room Arctic Hideaway at Fleinvær: Simple cabin with minimalist architecture designed to let you meditate or think while drinking in the view of Lofoten.

Manshausen: Simple cabins with bold architectural lines and floor-to-ceiling windows. Read about Børge Ousland’s expeditions or simply take in the Lofoten view. 

Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær

Naustholmen: White wood-panel houses on an island in Steigen. The highest point on the island is 51 metres above sea level, and from here, you can see all of Lofoten and half of Salten. Opt to sleep outside in a suspended tent, or choose one of the 16 beds inside. 


Villa Haugen: Swiss villa with the Yellow room, the Green room, etc. Gourmet dinners are served at 7:00 p.m. Spend the rest of your time taking in the view of the archipelago. 

Støtt Brygge: Old trading post with sage green walls, Biedermeyer chairs and real down duvets. Go for a stroll along the beach and see of you can see Værøy and Røst.

Støtt brygge. Foto : www.faroutfocus / Hans Petter Sørensen

Brygge: Quay facilities with comfortable sea houses right at the centre of a small community with 100 inhabitants. On one side you can see the 365 islands that make up Bolgværet and on the other side you can see the Svartisen glacier. 

Følvika Northern Retreat: This old Nordland-style house with the great view sits a few hundred metres from the end of the road. Walk to Rognan’s sculptural sallow.

Engen Farm has the sharpest view: the deep green waters of Svartisvatnet, the baby-blue glacial arm of Engenbreen and Helgelandsbukken, standing at 1454 metres above sea level. The ferry here does not accept cars. 

Foto: Engen Gård

Tranøy Lighthouse: A classic lighthouse, painted red, surrounded by white buildings where the lighthouse keeper lives. From here, you’ll see all of Vestfjorden, and perhaps even porpoises and springers. Get comfortable so you don’t miss anything. 

Jakobsbakken: Colourful old wooden houses dating back to the early industrial age, high up on the mountain plateau at Sulitjelma. Maybe go for a short hike or practice some yoga? Or don’t. Your choice.

Foto: Jacobsbakken Mountain Resort

Storjord Hotel: Norway’s smallest hotel is in Saltdal, with 3 rooms and one chamber in a 1920s style, with wash basin and painted wood panelling. Hike up to Junkerdalen on suspension footbridges to look at orchids.

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