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Andøya is furthest out to sea

Andøya, as far north as you can get in Nordland and Vesterålen, is far out to sea—on the edge of the deep ocean. Very few other places in this country will make you feel closer to the world’s oceans. Bring your friends and family here for a completely unique experience. Guaranteed.

Few islands have Andøya’s character. A wide coastline right on the open ocean, feeding whales, bird cliffs, and an ancient fisherman’s culture. Groups of friends and families can use cozy and comfortable boat houses and fisherman’s cabins as their base and explore the island and the ocean beyond.

Frequently asked questions

Norwegian has direct flights to Andenes from Oslo in the summer, and Widerøe has flights here via Tromsø or Bodø. Hurtigruten the coastal steamer calls in at Risøyhamn. 

Yes, many visitors enjoy driving to Andenes. A beautiful route would be from Bodø through Lofoten and Vesterålen and Andøya, before they continue by ferry to Senja and Tromsø.

See the whales at Andøya

Nowhere else in Norway is the deep ocean as close to shore as it is outside Andøya. The edge of the continental slope is just half an hour out by boat, and the ocean out here is teeming with life. This brings the large sperm whale males in, to hunt Greenland halibut and squid. The largest bull is called Glenn, and whenever he stalks the deep for prey, all the other boys know to keep away. Go out as a group and feel the thrill of excitement when the enormous whale’s tail lifts against the backdrop of the Senja Mountains and Glenn dives to a depth of a thousand meters.

The impressive white-tailed eagle

The conical shape of Bleiksøya rises from the sea. Out here, the population density of white-tailed eagle is higher than almost anywhere else in the world. In winter, all the seabirds are gone, and the eagle can no longer afford to be picky. That’s why it’s always in the air, hunting for prey high in the sky. Have no doubt—it has spotted you way before you ever noticed it.

Amazing Bleiksstranda

Bleiksstranda is a white, sandy South Pacific dream of a beach. On a clear, crisp winter’s day, people come here to listen to the deep rumble of distant storms over the waves, to build sandcastles and to write their names in the sand. You can also plop down on the grassy hill above the beach and gaze out at, well, nothing, except an almost imperceptibly curved horizon. If southwest gales are coming in, you’re in for an intense, powerful and bent-double encounter with the elements.

Måtind is the black mountain

Not far from the beach, Måtind looms like a black shadow; some of Europe’s oldest rock makes this mountain jet black. The hike up to the peak is at times quite challenging, but at an altitude of 408 meters it should be within reach of most people. From the top, you can take in the view. The entire outside of Andøay, as well as Bleiksøya and the outside of Langøya to the south. The northern part of Andøya has several nice peaks. They’re all quite steep, but not too high and accessible to most people.

Andenes is close to a rocket launchpad

Andenes is a small urban community of approx. 3000 people. Throughout history, this was one of the most important fishing villages all along the coast, and people have been living here for much longer. The red Andenes Lighthouse from 1859 is open to visitors. Climb up and watch the ocean go on as far as the eye can see. Perhaps you’ll even catch a glimpse of Glenn the Whale? We also recommend stopping by the harbour for a coffee at the local bakery. Just south of Andenes is Andøya Space Center, where they launch rockets and satellites.

Andøya is on the Norwegian scenic route

The Norwegian scenic route runs along the outside of Andøya—the road along the open ocean. It’s uncommon for Norway that there is no protective archipelago. The Atlantic Ocean comes at the island at full force. There are some lovely rest stops along the road, such as by the unique rock formation Bukkekirka. In the small settlements, the houses are built in a row, with the open marshland behind them and the open ocean in front. The beauty of this place is really quite unique.