Regulations on the use of drones in Northern Norway

Drones are cheap, easy to use and a new popular photography tool. However, if you don’t observe the rules and regulations for drone flying, there could by heft fines. In some areas, drones can present a serious safety risk.

A tourist was fined 15 000 kroner in 2017 in Tromsø after flying their drone over the centre of town. The reason for such a high fine?Flying within the flight zone of Tromsø airport puts flight safety at serious risk.

But we agree that a birds eye view of Northern Norway is infinitely beautiful. It would be a real shame if you weren’t able to get to try flying your drone while visiting Northern Norway. Therefore, the Civil Aviation Authority has released a series of regulations to tourists, as well as residents about drone flying.

In Norway, you are generally allowed to fly in the open category if you are registered as an operator. This does not apply to Russian citizens, as there is a ban on all Russian flights.

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Important flying regulations

  1. You should always be able to see the drone, only fly during daylight and fly in a considerate way e.g. not over accident sites.
  2. Do not fly within a 5km radius of any airport unless otherwise agreed with authorities.
  3. Do not fly more than 120m above the surrounding terrain.
  4. Do not fly over festivals, military training areas or sports events without prior approval with relevant authorities. Keep a distance of over 150m from these areas at all times.
  5. Pay attention to the privacy of private property and individuals.
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Some important places you cannot fly drones

  1. The whole city area of Tromsø as it lies within the 5km radius of the airport.
  2. The whole city area of Bodø which again lies within 5km of the airport.
  3. Andenes has a large airport inside the city centre, therefore no drone lfying here.
  4. Alta Museum does not allow drones over the 6000 year old rock carvings. The damage caused if one fell would be devastating.
  5. Many national parks and protected areas have drone bans. All birds and wildlife are protected against disturbance and unnecessary hunting – regardless of whether it is in or outside a protected area. This is stated in the Natural Diversity Act, which applies throughout Norway. In Rokhunborri National Park in Bardu, for example, there are drone bans due to the rare gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus).
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For more information

For an overview of the regulation simply check out the  Civil Aviation Authority homepage. 

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