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Northern Lights; magic on the night sky!

A light-footed dance, billowing curtains, arches and ribbons in a supernatural green colour. On occasion, the sky explodes into a kaleidoscope of green, white, pink and violet  Read more

Hunting the Northern Lights in Alta

The town of Alta lives up to its reputation of being the place where visitors have a high probability of seeing the Northern Lights, and the little company Glød will take you  Read more

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel - Alta

Once you have made the choice to travel all the way to Northern Norway, you may as well go the whole distance: put on your woollen underwear and hat, creep into your sleeping  Read more

Joanna Lumley’s photographer

Kjetil Skogli is one of the most experienced Northern Lights hunters in Northern Norway. Northern Lights holidays in Northern Norway really took off when he guided the British  Read more

Nyksund has turned off the lights

The fishing village of Nyksund in the Vesterålen Islands was abandoned in the 1960s, and since then the place has been generally dark in winter. But the darkness is a great...  Read more

Litløy Lighthouse — an island all to yourself

If you stay on your own island in the outer Vesterålen archipelago, with your own lighthouse, you'll have plenty of time to relax and reflect — unless you are hit by a...  Read more

Hurtigruten – front-row seats for the Northern Lights

Aurora is a lady who takes her time. The warmest and most comfortable way to wait for her is to sit in a cosy lounge on a Hurtigruten vessel. If she turns up, you’re...  Read more

Northern Lights trip by snowshoe on the plain

In the dry, biting cold of Karasjok, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are excellent — particularly on a snowshoe trip up the holy mountain of Halde, with wide views...  Read more

The Polarlightcenter

Sun storms, magnetic particles and sun spots: if you want to know why the Northern Lights occur and how to forecast when they will appear, you should head for the remote littl  Read more

Northern Lights through the lens

The Northern Lights are supernaturally beautiful, but difficult to capture on camera. To assist keen photographers, Vidar Dons Lindrupsen and Silvia Martínez in Tromsø offer...  Read more

Northern Lights in the snow

Trips by dog sled, snowmobile or reindeer sleigh; you can have a lot of fun in the snow in Northern Norway. And if you’re out enjoying the snow at night, you may also see...  Read more

Chase the Northern Lights by snowmobile near the Russian border

If you want to see the Northern Lights, you have to be outside. Join in on a trip to see the Northern Lights by snowmobile, travelling right up to the Russian border south of  Read more
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