Western Europe's border with Russia is the beginning of the Siberian Taiga, with a dramatic war history and tasty crab monsters

Kirkenes is a border city

Kirkenes’s multi-ethnic origins are visible in the Cyrillic street signs around the city, in the Orthodox St. Georgs Chapel of the eastern Sami, in the National Romantic churches in Neiden and Svanhovd and in the Finnish language speaking village of Bugøynes to the west. The dramatic history of this frontier appears in many war memoirs, as the city lay right at the front line for three years, being only km from the Russian Border. Kven culture also has strong historical roots here.

King crab tastes better than it looks

King crab is a huge newcomer in the depths of the fjords in Kirkenes. Despite the scary features, they taste amazing. Fishing takes place both summer and winter, and afterwards they are eaten freshly cooked.

Head into the Taiga forests

The Taiga, or boreal forest, creeps into this region just south of Kirkenes. In the large pine forests you can go snowmobiling, join a dog sled team, hike and take a river boat ride. Maybe you’ll even see a bear!

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