The first large battlle of WWII was fought in Narvik. The modern city boasts 1500 metre high mountains rising directly from the fjord, magnificent skiing and a breathtaking railway to Sweden.

Michael Ulriksen

Narvik was the location of a large battle in World War Two

Narvik owes its existence to the shipping of iron ore from Kiruna in Sweden, and during the Second World War the port of Narvik became a strategic target. In spring 1940, Norwegian, British, French and Polish forces therefore fought against Nazi Germany for two months in one of WWII’s largest initial battles.

Ski from mountain top to fjord below

From up on Narvikfjellet Mountain, you can ski downhill a thousand metres of elevation to the fjord and city below. In fact, you can choose to ski among five different sites in Norway and Sweden using a single ski pass!

Follow the Rallarveien Trail

The landscape in Ofoten, the Narvik, region, consists of fjords and majestic peaks, best seen on a sight-seeing tour via the Ofotbanen Railway in Narvik or from the breathtakingly beautiful golf course, from the Rallarveien Trail and from narrow suspension bridges over the fjord.

Visit Narvik

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