Arctic Wildlife in Northern Norway

© Rune Nilsen

Northern Norway has many beautiful wildlife species. Sea eagles, polar bears, reindeer, whales, dolphins, and puffins are just some of them.

Some of the biggest nesting cliffs in Europe are found by the bountiful sea here and are home to puffins, razorbills, auks, storm petrels, Northern gannets and the mighty sea eagle. Whale species including harbour porpoises, dolphins and humpback whale can often be seen along the coast. Beluga whales and narhval are seen around Svalbard, orcas are seen most frequently during the winter and sperm whales are easy to spot during the summer. 

Protection of wildlife in Northern Norway and Svalbard

As much as approximately 44.000 thousand species are registered as living wild in Norway as a whole. According to researchers at the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, the number is probably higher and closer to 55.000. Taking care of our natural habitat is a high prioritery for Norway and Svalbard as a whole, and close to half of our population are redlisted.

The predators are hard to spot in their natural habitat

It can be difficult to catch a glimpse of the largest predators such as bears, wolverines, lynx and wolves in their own habitats, but you will find them in wildlife parks in Northern Norway. The polar bear and walrus live in Svalbard, and the easiest way to see them is on boat tours to the northern coast of the islands. It is not difficult to spot reindeer anywhere in Northern Norway and in Svalbard. Elk is often seen also, usually near settlements in Nordland and Troms. 

Birding in Northern Norway