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Northern Troms: City of Tromsø, Lyngen Alps, Reisa Valley

North Troms and Tromsø

A lively, beautiful city with arctic history, culture and cuisine, surrounded by mountains, fjords and an island realm below the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights, depending  Read more

Polar Museum in Tromsø

The Polar Museum in Tromsø Museum tells the exciting story of the courageous trappers (men and women!) and the hazardous journeys of discovery in the arctic on a red-painted...  Read more

Ølhallen – Tromsø’s oldest watering hole

The Ølhallen pub in Tromsø, established in 1928, opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Enjoy a glass of Blanding to the chatter of gregarious Tromsø folk, don’t count on keeping...  Read more

Havnnes Trading Post

Havnnes is a well-preserved, listed 19th century trading post, situated in the midst of some of the most stunning scenery in all of Northern Norway. Forget opening hours and g  Read more

Killer whales and humpback whales – A midwinter adventure

In recent years, breaching humpback whales and ravenous killer whales have been following herrings into the fjords of Tromsø and Vesterålen. For two-three months in...  Read more

Lavkaløypa – tough mountain-bike trip across the mountain

Lavkarittet is a tough 68-kilometre (42-mile) bike race over the mountain between two valleys. However, did Lavkaløypa as an excursion at our own pace, and...  Read more

Following in the tracks of Jan Baalsrud

Reality is sometimes even more dramatic than authors and film-makers can imagine. The story of Jan Baalsrud's escape through occupied Northern Norway in the spring of 1943 has  Read more

To the island of Nord-Fugløy

One of the most inaccessible places in the country is the island of Nord-Fugløy in the far north of Troms. However, the sea eagle and puffin don't think so, for this is one...  Read more

To Mollisfossen waterfall by riverboat

An hour up the River Reisa between steep cliffs and dense pine forest is the 269-metre (883-ft.) high Mollisfossen waterfall. Only a few people have seen the rainbow created b  Read more

Riddu Riđđu – indigenous folk festival

Musicians from all over Sápmi, and representatives from indigenous peoples come from all over the world to perform in grassy meadows in dry and sunny Olmmáivággi/Manndalen...  Read more

Tromsø – winter city directly beneath the Northern Lights

Directly beneath the Northern Lights oval is Tromsø, a small city with an exciting history, lively atmosphere and a huge variety of snow and winter activities.  Read more

Lyngenfjord – Northern Lights fjord under white alps

Behind the wild and rugged Lyngen Alps is one of Norway's most beautiful fjords. There are some places here where the climate is almost as dry as the desert, and the weather i  Read more

Joanna Lumley’s photographer

Kjetil Skogli is one of the most experienced Northern Lights hunters in Northern Norway. Northern Lights holidays in Northern Norway really took off when he guided the British  Read more

Manndalen – Treasure trove of traditional crafts

A community in North Troms with about 1,000 inhabitants is helping to preserve some unique handicraft traditions. Ancient weaving techniques, knitted mittens and hats, and Sam  Read more

Around the Lyngen Alps

Spend a good half-day on a trip from Tromsø to the Lyngen Mountains (Lyngsalpene) and back again. We can promise alpine beauty, Sami culture and plastic gnomes.  Read more
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