Fast, fun and set in beautiful locations – possibly in combination with ice fishing or a trip to see the Northern Lights. Treat yourself to a trip on Snow Mobile in Northern Norway or on Svalbard.

Deep into the plateau, high up on the mountain

With a snow scooter, you have the chance to see places you would never otherwise experience. The scooter terrain in Northern Norway and on Svalbard is very varied, comprising everything from wooded hills and valleys to steep mountains, challenging trails, almost endless flat plateaus and glaciers. Stop your scooter at a vantage point and admire the view of the landscape. An evening run on a scooter is a great way to chase down the Northern Lights as you can reach remote areas far from any light pollution.

Organised trips

A number of operators organise snow scooter safaris, and as long as you have a licence to drive a car or a motorbike you are allowed to drive a snow scooter. Scooter operation is subject to the same drink-driving laws as apply to other motor vehicles. You will be issued with a helmet, warm clothes and boots by the guide before you start, and you can choose whether you prefer to ride alone or with a partner on your scooter. Of course, preparations also include a thorough safety check. Breaks to take photos are part of the programme, which may also include time out for meals and ice fishing. Snow scooter trips on open networks of trails are principally available in Northern Troms, Finnmark and on Svalbard.