Keipen is an easy hike with incredible views in Harstad

Sometimes you don’t need to spend six hours hiking up a mountain to get the best views. From Keipen in Harstad you look out over most of the fjord and the Vågsøy basin. The midnight sun gives a great showing up here too.


One hour in total




3km in total


Late Spring, summer and autumn

The trip follows relatively light terrain, and over much of the distance you follow the tractor track upwards. You then get up to the top, and here the terrain falls very steep down to the fjord on the other side. Thus, you should have children and dogs under control. In return, the view is absolutely breathtaking in all directions.

How to get there

Følg rv83 nordover ut av sentrum. Ta av mot Kasfjord (fv867) i rundkjøringen på Bergseng, og videre på fv1. Avkjøring til fv2 og Aunfjellet etter ca 4km. Kjør mot toppen og parker på parkeringsplass på venstre side av veien. Stien starter på høyre side av parkeringsplassen.

Go to Keipen!

Contact Visit Harstad for more information on Keipen and other local hiking opportunities.