Experiences out of the ordinary on Europe’s northernmost mainland. The Nordkyn peninsula is close to the Nordkapp, but feels like a different place. Nordkyn delivers excitement, raw nature and unique cultural experiences

Two hours by Hurtigruta east of Honningsvåg there is a large, remote peninsula called Nordkyn (now it should probably be spelled Nordkinn, but Nordkyn is mostly used). This is Europe’s northernmost mainland, and a long hike with an overnight stay can take you to Kinnarodden, which is Europe’s northernmost mainland. Most of the roughly 2,000 inhabitants live in Kjøllefjord and Mehamn, but the small fishing village of Gamvik in the far east is also worth a visit.

Where nature reigns

In Nordkyn, there are many fine, marked paths in soft, springy terrain, some to historical places, others to natural beauties. It’s all about fish at Nordkyn, there are few tourists out here, so here you are welcomed with open arms.

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