Enter the World of the Vikings in Lofoten

Take a trip to Lofoten and discover the world of the Vikings. Exciting sights and activities will take you on a trip more than 1,000 years back in time.

When you step into a full-scale re-creation of the largest chieftain’s house ever unearthed, you will feel transported back to the Viking Age. Light flickers from open fires and fish-oil lamps, and you breathe in the scents of tarred wood and lamb stew. The smoke rises nine metres up to the roof of the mighty hall. The farm, smithy, Viking ships and boathouse area are brought to life by guides, arts and crafts and activities – and everyone is dressed in period costumes. Outside you will see traditional races of livestock thriving in the fertile cultural landscape. Take a trip on the Viking ship and feel what it was like to have to use muscle power to travel across the water.

Lofotr Viking Museum has been built on the site of the residence of one of the mighty Norwegian chieftains. On the basis of finds made during extensive archaeological digs on the site, the museum presents new and fascinating information about the Vikings of the north. It is the largest building that has ever been unearthed from the Viking Age, and it represents the pinnacle of the aristocracy of the time.

The Lofotr Viking museum is unique

The chieftain’s residence, which was reconstructed in 1995, is a “three-nave long-house” measuring an impressive 83 metres in length. The building comprises a living area with a central hearth, an entrance hall with two openings, a storage area, a barn and a banqueting hall with a large central fireplace. During the guided tour, you will have the chance to see demonstrations of traditional crafts and to look at some of the finds made here.

Take part in the Viking Festival in summer

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to wander among the Vikings at Borg more than 1,000 years ago? The sound of men preparing weapons and ships for voyages south, the smell of food cooking and the sounds of the poet preparing a new song in honour of the chieftain. Come along to the Viking Festival that is held here every August. Stroll around the marketplace and look at all the fascinating stalls, take part in an archery contest, take a rowing trip on the Vargfotr, admire the skills of the street performers, enjoy period music and song, listen to interesting lectures …

Want to join the Vikings

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