Hike to Mount Buren (802 m)

Mount Buren is clearly visible from large parts of Tromsø. The mountain is a classic hike on Kvaløya Island that offers nice hiking and some fun climbing along the way. The view from the top fantastic!

Buren is one of the classics on the island of Kvaløya approx. 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of Tromsø. To get to Buren, turn left over the bridge to Kvaløya and continue through the suburban areas. Follow the signage towards Sommarøy, and at Kaldfjord follow the signage towards Ersfjord. Just before the village of Ersfjord, park at the community house Blåmann Idrettspark on the ridge with the fab fjord view.

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Stien starter rett ved parkeringsplassen

The path starts from the parking lot at Ersfjordeidet, and goes up over Ramnberget. On the way to Beritheimelva you pass some small idyllic waters. From Skålhammaren, the terrain becomes more rocky, but the climb is gentler and you can enjoy the great view over the Ersfjord. In the last 200 metres, the terrain becomes steeper and more rocky all the way to the top. The best footwear for this trip is hiking boots. At the top you will be rewarded with a view of Kvaløya’s spectacular mountain world.

Park at the local sports club

The car park belongs to Idrettslaget Blåmann (Idrettslag means the local sports club) parking and a fee is charged. If there is a big event, the Idrettslaget Blåmann will reserve their parking for the participants. . Camping and staying overnight in a caravan are not allowed on the car park.






4-6 hours return


3,3 km

Reindeer should be left alone

The whole of Kvaløya is reindeer grazing land, so be careful if you see reindeer. Keep the dog on a leash. It is especially important to be careful during the calving season, from the beginning of May to the middle of June. The reindeer and calves are extra vulnerable during this period, and must not be disturbed. Also be careful if you see reindeer herders collecting or moving reindeer. If the herd comes towards you, sit down and stay calm until it has passed you. In the entire municipality of Tromsø there is a curfew in the period 1 April to 20 August.

You can also climb and boulder

On the opposite side of Blåmann Sports Park in the direction of the small mountain Nattmålstind are some of the first climbing and bouldering fields to be established on Kvaløya Island. The island between Tromsø and the Atlantic is widely known in the climbing community, and a climber interested in history should take a trip to the rock formations to look around. Tromsø Klatreklubb also has its own interest group on Facebook. (Norwegian language, but a good place to start).

Practical about Buren

Since Buren is a steep mountain, we only recommend it in dry weather with a good visibility.

Yes, you mobile phone works all the way up.

You park at the local sport club. You pay a little sum on Vipps, and can stay all day. This is a great way of contributing to the local community.

Bus 425 leaves Tromsø Prostneset for Ersfjordbotn. Ask the driver to let you off at the Blåmannen IL house. This should work well Monday to Friday, but the departures are few and far between in the week-end. Check the website Tromsø Fylkestrafikk, but maybe a visit to the Tourist Information Centre is a good idea too.