5 hikes in Senja

The Fairytale Island of Senja offers steep hikes with fabulous seaviews. Here mountain hiker Mats Hoel Johannessen has picked five Senja favourites

Senja is famous for its jagged peaks and amazing views. The island has one of the world’s most charismatic Alpine landscapes. Below are 5 hikes you should not miss when you visit.

1. Hesten (556 m.a.s.)

One of Senja’s most famous peaks, and not without reason. This peak is challenging and best suited for experienced hikers. This is one of Norway’s most photographed peaks, and the hike starts in the tiny community called Fjordgård.

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2. Strytind (413 m.a.s.)

Perfect hike if you want some fresh air in the evening. The hike begins in what used to be called the Municipality of Torsken and takes around 3 hours to complete.

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3. Husfjellet (632 m.a.s.)

Husfjellet is one of Queen Sonja’s favourites on Senja. The hike is relatively easy, with the exception of a stretch near the top, which is a bit breezy and can be skipped if you do not feel like challenging your fear of heights.

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4. Dronningruta – the Queen’s Route

If you are tired of chasing altitude and would rather prefer to take in the beautiful coastal landscape, this hike is for you. If you are visiting in the spring, the path may even be dry early in the season.

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5. Sjursviktinden (837 m.a.s.)

One of Senja’s highest peaks and one of the most beautiful. From the top, you have spectacular panoramic views. Weather permitting, of course. Make this hike on a day forecasting sunshine and nice weather.

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