© Jan Inge Larsen

Freshwater fishing in Northern Norway

Giant salmon from legendary rivers, or Arctic char and trout from small mountain streams. Or even ice fishing in the late winter sun. The fish are always biting in Northern Norway.

Feel your heart beat faster when the giant salmon takes the bait. Experience the special sense of peace as you sit beside an idyllic mountain stream with a baited line or fly-fishing rod. Northern Norway is a true Eldorado for committed inland anglers. Hunt for giant salmon in some of the very finest salmon rivers in Norway, or seek out remote streams where you can fish in peace and quiet all day long.

Fishing trips in the mountain

You can also ramble inland to find small and large mountain streams where you can set up camp. Warm yourself with coffee made over a camp fire while you wait for the Arctic char and trout to bite. In some areas, you can also land pike, perch, grayling and common whitefish.

Ice fishing

When the spring sun starts to warm the landscape – while the ice is still thick and solid – it is time to go ice fishing. An ice drill and extra warm clothing are essential. Experience the excitement when you feel a tug on your fishing line – this may be the day that you land a giant char.

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