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Sea fishing cabins

Modern, comfortable, close to coastal communities and suitable not only for sea fishing but also hiking in the mountains, these holiday cabins on the coast are often a great solution for a party of friends or a large family.

A modern sea fishing cabin can have many names, a ‘rorbu’ fisherman’s cabin, seahouse and quayside cabin being the most common. In reality, it means a high-standard, modern holiday cabin that is perfect for a fishing holiday. However, you don’t have to like fishing to enjoy a stay in one of them. The cabins tend to be white, red or yellow painted wooden buildings, and blend in perfectly with their surroundings on the outside. Inside, they are usually modern and comfortable. At some of the locations, the main building, jetty or other buildings may be of historic value, while others have been built more recently.

Plenty of room

A cabin usually has a fully-equipped kitchen, living room and one or more bathrooms. Some have a sauna, and all have several small bedrooms with room for plenty of people. You pay a single price for the cabin, no matter how many people are in your party, so they tend to be great value for parties of friends or large families.


With fully-equipped kitchens and fridges, the cabins are ideal for self-catering. Many of the locations are some distance from a shop, so food shopping might require a little planning. Many of the locations have a pleasant café that serves simple evening meals with wine or beer, while some of them have gourmet restaurants. There may also be hot tubs, shared sauna facilities, barbecue lodges or a small shop.

Coastal communities

The sea fishing cabins tend to be built near some kind of coastal settlement, either a fjordside farm or a fishing village. It means that visitors stay in a local community rather than living in splendid isolation. The landscape around is always beautiful, whether it’s the rough Finnmark coast, high coastal mountains of Troms or the Helgeland archipelago.  

Weekly hire in summer

The sea fishing season tends to run from April to October. During that period, most cabins are only available for rental on a weekly basis. A fully-equipped modern fishing boat is often included in the weekly rate, and there are fish-cleaning facilities and plenty of freezer space for the fish. However, many non-fishermen also like to hire the cabins, and use them for holidays hiking along marked trails, glacier walks, kayaking, canoeing, golf, cycling and the many other activities that may be available in the surrounding area.

Low season

Demand is not as high from October to April. Cabins make ideal bases for those who want to get away from urban light pollution and see the Northern Lights, go off-piste skiing, or just escape city life. There often tends to be some room for negotiation on price and duration of stay. However, local shops, cafes, and attractions may be closed in winter, so you will certainly need to plan things a little more thoroughly. 

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