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These 5 animals you should meet

What animals are your favourites? Here are five new friends from Northern Norway

Northern Norway has an abundance of friendly, non-threatening wildlife. From Vega’s eider ducks to Svalbard’s Arctic foxes, you’ll be charmed by some and in awe of others. Here are some of our friends

Sperm whales are giants in the sea

Sperm whales in Vesterålen. The mothers tend the family groups down in the Azores, then send the strong males up to the cold waters of Vesterålen to eat cephalopods. When patriarch Glenn is feeding in Bleiksdjupet, the youngsters stay away! See them on a boat trip from Stø or Andenes.

Everybody loves the puffins

Puffins. From Lovund via Røst, Nord-Fugløy and Gjesværstappan to Hornøya, Northern Norway’s bird cliffs of are filled with puffins from April to early August.

King crabs are ugly, but taste good

King crabs. This tasty monster from the Pacific Ocean was released into the Barents Sea by Russians in the 1960s. Now it has crept westward past the North Cape and can be fished on trips from Kirkenes and Honningsvåg and in the Kjølleford.

Sea eagles patrol the coast

With a wing span of up to 240 cm (94 inches), the sea eagle, or white tailed eagle, circles above the bird cliffs, fishing villages and the town of Bodø. They can sometimes be seen along the rest of the coast, but if you go to a bird cliff, you will definitely see them.

Wolves communicate with French kissing

Wolves. In the Polar Park in Bardu you can go into the wolves’ enclosure, kneel down and do some sloppy French-kissing. You can also spend the night in a cabin surrounded by wolves.