A lively, beautiful city with arctic history, culture and cuisine, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands below the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights

Tromsø has a lively and historic centre

Tromsø city centre comprises the largest collection of historical wooden houses in Northern Norway, and is full of interesting shops, jam-packed cafés, restaurants with arctic menus, museums, churches and galleries, as well as Tromsø’s highly audible and welcoming night-life.

The islands protect Tromsø from storms

Hundreds of islands, some having mountains a thousand metres high, others more low-lying and windblown, all serve to protect Tromsø against the sea. In between the mountains are fishing villages and settlements, some of which are sleepy and abandoned while others are full of hectic activity.

Mountain and fjords are found all around

The 1,800-metre-high Lyngsalpene mountains rise to the east from the Arctic Ocean with their sharp peaks, glaciers and cascading rivers. To the south, the Balsfjord cuts through the mountains and conceals green grazing meadows and rich farming land below steep mountains. The people here are of Norwegian, Sami and Finnish origins.

Discovering Tromsø

Tromsø became a trading centre in the 19th C, and also a starting point for expeditions to the Arctic. Early explorers were so taken by tiny Tromsø in the Arctic that they dubbed the city “The Paris of North”.

Tromsø through the year

Tromsø lives through 6-7 weeks of Polar Night, more than 2 months of Midnight Sun, a metre of snow in late winter, rain, sunshine and Northern Lights. Read more about Tromsø through the year.

Living the Tromsø life

There is always something happening in Tromsø, the people in Tromsø love to go out and there cuisine is varied and interesting. Here some tips.

Fun things to do in Tromsø

Go indoors for fun attractions, and outdoors for stunning scenery and a bit of hard work.

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