Vesterålen is an archipelago of green islands, surrounded by whales, seals and seabirds and inhabited by coastal people with both a rich history and an eye for everything contemporary. In Vesterålen, the next surprise is across the next elegant bridge.

Sperm whales are a frequent sight

Deep ocean waters begin just off the coast of Vesterålen and the sperm whale has its feeding grounds here. The abundance of food attracts sea birds such as the razorbill, guillemot, fulmar, gannet and puffing, along with seals. Whale safaris, bird safaris, fishing trips, kayaking – Vesterålen is the place for ocean activities. 

Emerald green isles are found all over

The islands of Vesterålen have a weather-torn, jagged exterior, green and fertile farming villages in their middle section and a backdrop of majestic mountain peaks along their interior. Bluish-black, rocky mountains in Raftsundet, cloudberry moors on the island of Andøya and an archipelago beyond – all linked together with elegant bridges.

The Vesterålen residents are coastal people

The old Coastal Express, “Finnmarken”, old fishing villages such as Nyksund and Stø, the lighthouse at Andenes and the Fishing Industry Museum at Melbu tell of the history of the coast, whereas the modern fishing village of Myre, rocket launching pad on Andøya and the blue colour of Sortland belong to our era.

3 ways to explore Vesterålen’s lovely scenery