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Finnmarksløpet in Northern Norway

Finnmarksløpet: Europe’s longest sled dog race

1,200 kilometres with 14 dogs over 5-6 days across snowy Finnmark: 160 teams and more than 1500 dogs will take part in Finnmarksløpet, a great test of strength and a great...  Read more

Easter Festival in Kautokeino

The World Championships in Reindeer Racing, the Sami Grand Prix, an impressive programme of concerts and gigantic weddings that cost many reindeer their lives. The Easter Fest  Read more

North Cape in winter; a mini-expedition

Among the candidates for the title “World’s End”, the North Cape is one of the most obvious. Join a convoy to the North Cape plateau in mid-winter and you’ll understand why....  Read more

By dog team over the Finnmark plain

Dogsledding over white plains, staying in mountain lodges and visiting reindeer herds; Engholm Husky trips on the Finnmark plain are full of outdoor action. However, you don't  Read more

Dog sledding on the taiga

One of Norway's most distant destinations, the Pasvik valley, is best experienced on a dog sled in the winter. Join a journey of discovery in the "taiga", a coniferous forest  Read more

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel - Alta

Once you have made the choice to travel all the way to Northern Norway, you may as well go the whole distance: put on your woollen underwear and hat, creep into your sleeping  Read more

Hunting the Northern Lights in Alta

The town of Alta lives up to its reputation of being the place where visitors have a high probability of seeing the Northern Lights, and the little company Glød will take you  Read more

VAKE – Catching the Varanger wind

VAKE is the world's toughest long-distance snow kiting race in the world's best kiting terrain, the Varanger peninsula.  Read more

King crab fishing on the ice

King crabs are fished using crab pots on the frozen Lang fjord at Kirkenes. While the crabs were cooking, we took a snowmobile trip across the plateau and into the forest, and  Read more

Chase the Northern Lights by snowmobile near the Russian border

If you want to see the Northern Lights, you have to be outside. Join in on a trip to see the Northern Lights by snowmobile, travelling right up to the Russian border south of  Read more

Skiing over the Finnmark Plateau

A day's skiing through the pine forest and across the plain near Karasjok is suitable even for skiing novices. Most skiers at all levels can also manage the nine-day trip over  Read more

Northern Lights trip by snowshoe on the plain

In the dry, biting cold of Karasjok, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are excellent — particularly on a snowshoe trip up the holy mountain of Halde, with wide views...  Read more

Wilderness design

Sven Engholm in Karasjok has a closer relationship to his cabins than most hosts — he actually built them himself. You can't stay in many places that are as original as...  Read more
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