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North Norwegian Cuisine

Cod, coley, Atlantic halibut, herring, haddock and red bream from the most bountiful sea in the world, reindeer, elk, sheep and goats from the Northern Norwegian forests, mountains and plateaus. The food in Northern Norway is among the very best. Atlantic cod in February, a festive reindeer stew served in a Sami tent, fresh coley cooked on the shore on a summer evening or some lefse (Norwegian flatbread) with sugar, butter and brown cheese at a ferry café; the food is both varied and entertaining in Northern Norway. 

Autumn temptations in Northern Norway

Berries from forests and mountains, turnips, lamb, grouse and reindeer, large coal fish and halibut; autumn in the north is a fruitful time with delicious temptations  Read more

Winter food in Northern Norway

Winter is the time when you should be eating fish and shellfish in Northern Norway. That’s when they are at their firmest and tastiest. Some of the specialities are highly...  Read more

The food is half the journey

Northern Norwegian food is extremely simple. Why would you want to overwhelm all those delicious ingredients with powerful spices and sauces when you are enjoying the freshest  Read more

Ølhallen – Tromsø’s oldest watering hole

The Ølhallen pub in Tromsø, established in 1928, opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Enjoy a glass of Blanding to the chatter of gregarious Tromsø folk, don’t count on keeping...  Read more

Trasti & Trine - Et rent finnmarkskjøkken

Johnny Trasti i den spreke familiebedriften Trasti & Trine har kontakter med havfiskere, bønder, sportsfiskere, jegere og reindriftssamer, og får dermed tilgang til...  Read more

Kvæfjordkake — Norway's national cake

Kvæfjordkake, Norway's national cake, is a sweet dream made of meringue and vanilla cream. It's a firm favourite for any festive occasion, and an irresistible temptation in...  Read more

Where should you eat in Northern Norway?

Will you need to pack a lunch when heading to the north? By no means, as the variety of eating places is huge and diverse. The following is a quick overview so that you know w  Read more

Five summer delicacies from Northern Norway

The midnight sun means that Northern Norway abounds with amazing ingredients that are a joy to sink your teeth into. Here are five things to get your mouth watering.  Read more

King Crabs - tasty monsters

Out in the fishing fields to pull in the pots. Suddenly, the deck is covered with huge, ugly crabs. Have your photo taken with a king crab – and then get ready for a king...  Read more

Organic Food

Organic production builds upon a basic concept: a holistic understanding of the relationship between human beings and nature. At the same time, local, ecolocical, biodynamic a  Read more

Bacalao, the clipfish of Northern Norway

Bacalao, the clipfish casserole with tomato is a favourite in Northern Norway. However, this has actually only been the case since clipfish made a comeback in Northern Norway  Read more

Local Delicacies

Elk sausage, veal burgers, cured saithe, smoked salmon, home-brewed beer, grilled stockfish, local cheeses and an abundance of herbs. Salten is an eldorado for those seeking  Read more

Møsbrøm flatbread: the Rolls Royce of flatbreads

Møsbrøm flatbread is a flatbread enveloping a generous helping of rich and delicious møsbrøm, or melted brown cheese. A møsbrøm flatbread is a taste sensation that gives you...  Read more

'Mølje' – a winter favourite

Mølje is a dish of cod, cod liver and cod roe, and is extremely popular in Nordland during the winter months.  Read more

Fiskekrogen restaurant in Henningsvær

A huge bowl of mussels steamed in white wine on a lazy summer's day beside the harbour in Henningsvær, or light and crispy cod tongues amidst the howl of a winter storm; the...  Read more
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