Hike to the Hillesøytoppen Hill

This is a an easy climb on the on the ocean side of Kvaløya Island, right by the village of Sommarøy. From Hillesøytoppen Hill you have an unobstructed ocean view!

The trip up to Hillesøytoppen is one of the easier trips in the area, but there is no reason to underestimate what you get back for the few kilometres. This is a trip that you can take the whole family on, and the beautiful view from the top gives you a good overview of many well-known landmarks around the Sommarøy area.

Parking space for Hillesøytoppen

You park at the “Ungdomshuset” (youth center/community hall) on Hillesøy Island, and from there you follow a clear path up towards the top. The path is steep, and the start of the path is arranged with iron bars with ropes between them. The view from the top is formidable.




2 km/1,3 miles return




About 1 hour

Do not build your own cairns on Hillesøytoppen Hill

Cairns are intended to show the way in the mountains in poor visibility and should only be placed where the path in question runs. Therefore, we ask you not to build your own cairns when you are on a trip at Hillesøya or elsewhere. In the event of sudden poor visibility, cairns are a vital sign to not get lost.

Can I do the hike with a dog?

Yes, but this entire area grazing land for reindeer and sheep and and a sanctuary for wildlife. Therefore, be careful if you see reindeer or sheep in the countryside.

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Planning help?

Contact the local visitor’s centre for updated info on this, and anything in Tromsø