Experience the “Battle of Narvik”

Unique activity packages where you can visit the historical places from “The Battle of Narvik”. Learn more about the War History Experiences, in which you can participate!

Have you seen “The Battle of Narvik?” at the cinemas or Netflix? Learn more about this important battle, and read more about what you can experience in Narvik during your holiday.

Nearly all wars are about the control of natural resources and wealth. The great battle of Narvik in 1940 was about the control of Europe’s largest iron ore resources and the supply route from the important mines in Kiruna, through the ice-free port in Narvik. Nazi Germany tried to gain control of this vital supply, and the Allies tried to stop them. Read more about the important days of the great Battle of Narvik.

From the cinemas to the locations

You can experience “The Battle of Narvik” at close hand, and see many of locations from the film in the city of Narvik and its surroundings. The deep fjords, high mountains and valleys between Narvik and the Swedish border were important battlefields during the fatal days in the spring of 1940. Now, the local travel companies offer authentic and unforgettable experiences on genuine locations within and around Narvik.

Join the exiting experiences:

    • “Family walk in underground bunkers”
    • “In the Footpath of the Mountain Warriors”
    • “Nature Trail in Narvikfjellet – Learn and experience!”
    • “The Arctic Train – Ofoten Line”
    • “The Kids at Narvik War Museum”
    • “Troms Military Museum”
    • “War history city biking in Narvik”
    • “War History Hike at Bjørnfjell Mountain”
    • “Krambuvika village museum – at the center of the fighting”
    • “Admission Narvik War Museum”

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    The Narvik region offers an incredible mix of cultural and natural wonders. The whole region is a proper goldmine of places that every traveler should experience. Read more and book your holiday at Visit Narvik.