Mountain biking in Alta

Alta has everything it takes to become a mountain biking destination. Leading figures, an active local community, a world-class race and, not least, a wide range of challenging trails. What more could you want?

It has been years since Terrengsykkel magazine chose Alta as Norway’s best mountain biking destination.Alta does not yet pop up everywhere when you search for “mountain biking holiday” – the place is still a place for connoisseurs, for those who really know what they want from a biking destination. Slowly, but surely, enthusiasts and local tourism enterprises have built a selection that is the stuff of dreams. When something is going on long enough, it becomes part of the city’s DNA.

Alta is the site of a sustainable biking boom

Mountain biking is still relatively new in Norwegian nature, and Alta was no different when this activity really took off a few years ago. That’s why locals decided the only right thing to do was to establish a fund to ensure that trails and the landscape in general were able to accommodate both new and traditional activities in Alta.

Year-round activity

You can bike year-round in Alta. In the winter, dedicated fat bike trails are prepared with snowmobiles and specialized equipment to ensure optimal flow. Don’t worry about the dark – the equipment is customized for year-round activity. You’d be hard-pressed to find people more experienced when it comes to biking in all kinds of terrain and weather. Prefer the sun? The midnight sun is high in the sky for the majority of the season.

The ones you meet know what they are talking about

Many Alta locals have participated in the extreme bike race Offroad Finnmark. This race, one of the toughest in the world, also has classes for those who are somewhat less ambitious, but who still appreciate a challenge. This passion for biking and good experiences has led to operators who know what they are doing. Perhaps the annual bike festival is something for you?

Check out the documentary from Offroad Finnmark

Want to compete agains professionals and other amateurs?

Offroad Finnmark is one of the world’s toughest bike races, and it begins in Alta. In July every year, amateurs and professionals alike turn up to fight for the podium in one of the world’s toughest bike races. The race starts in Alta, and participants can choose between 300 km, 700 km or 700 km solo (the first two are a team race, where two people race together). If you are curious about past results, get the full story hereBike fever is in full swing in Finnmark, and only a couple of hours from Alta is the race Skaidi Xtreme. This autumn race is held in early September, with classes for anyone from beginners to professionals.

How to get in touch with local operators

Do you need tips for trails, or do you want to contact one of the local operators? Click here for more information