5 hikes near Alta

The city is perhaps most famous for dog sledding, bike rides and the northern lights, but hiking enthusiasts will also love this destination. Is this the year to hike to the northern lights observatory at Halddetoppen?

Alta has hiking opportunities for anyone who is perhaps not looking for the steep, breezy thrills found elsewhere in Northern Norway. Alta has hiking opportunities with spectacular views, varied terrain and landscapes with interesting cultural heritage connections. Below is a selection of hikes you can do on a week-long visit to Alta, with its stable inland climate.

1. Halddetoppen

Halddetoppen is around a 20-minute drive south on the E6 from Alta. Take a left after Kåfjordbrua, and follow the signs. The hike takes approx. 5 hours, and if you want to tent overnight, you need to check with the local hiking association. History buffs should read up on the Tirpitz battle ship, which was docked in Kåfjord for a long time during World War II. We recommend that you also read up on the history of the observatory at the top of the mountain before you arrive.

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Tip: on your way to Halddetoppen, you also pass Alta Museum, which is well worth a visit.

2. Komsatoppen

Fancy a short hike, accessible from Alta’s city centre? After a short, half-hour walk from Alta, you reach the foot of Komsatoppen. There are many different trails to choose from, and once you are at the top, you have spectacular views of Alta and the varied landscape around the city.

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Tip: Avid runners often include Komsatoppen in their routes. The climb is not too bad – it is possible to run up.

View of Alta © Svetlana Funtosova

3. Lille Raipas

5 km south of Alta is Lille Raipas (Unnas Ráipásas). The hike takes you through a historic landscape and an area that, since 2005, has been mentioned in UNESCO’s world heritage list in connection with the Struve Geodetic Arc.

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Tip: If you are travelling with children and are used to wearing child carriers, this is a nice day hike for families.

4. Alta Canyon / Sautso

Northern Europe’s largest canyon offers spectacular views of an interesting landscape with great cultural heritage. The Alta river is a very important part of Alta for many locals, who are interested in what the river has to offer. Salmon fishing is one such opportunity, but many also use the area for various kinds of recreation and outdoor activity.

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Tip: contact Visit Alta for a guided canoe trip down the Alta river.

5. Sakkobadne

A cultural heritage trail among plane wrecks and other war ruins. The hike begins in Kåfjord, a 15–20 minute drive from Alta. The hike is not particularly challenging, and with its visible history, there are plenty of things to photograph.

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Tip: you can combine this hike with the hike to Halddetoppen if you are feeling fit. Both hikes start in Kåfjord.