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The Midnight Sun in Narvik fills you with energy

There is something adventurous and carefree about the city of Narvik. It seems the location amid fjords and mountains makes everyone here energetic, be it in the winter skiing season or with that extra vitamin D kick provided by the Midnight Sun.

Narvik is found where two fjords meet to join the mighty Ofoten Fjord, surrounded by untamed wilderness and towering mountains. This wild landscape is full of opportunities to have fun, be it for the adrenaline junkie or the more reflective nature lover.

Take the Gondola to Mount Narvikfjellet

The Cable Car, Narvik-ites say “gondolen” – the gondola, is an excellent way of rising 600 metres up. The platform offers a fabulous view down to the city, to the big freight ships waiting to fill up iron ore, the fjord and the fabulous mountain ranges that surround the city. The impressive Hålogaland Brigde is clearly visible on the right, and straight ahead is the Midnight Sun. Go by the “gondola”, or walk the path.

Hike to the second and third top

Once you’ve made it to 656 metres, you could go even higher. The “Linken” peak at 1003 metres is an obvious continuation and is not that hard a hike. The “Tredjetoppen” – the third peak at 1272 metres altitude – is also within reach for anyone in reasonably good shape. From here, you see fjords and mountains further away, and discover how wild and untamed the area around Narvik is. Wear good shoes, have warm clothes stashed in your bag and bring some water. If you go up at Midnight, the cable car might not run when you come back. But hey…then the sun is already higher on the sky, just walk down.

Play golf in Skjomen, but don’t hit a salmon

The golf course in Skjomen is found between high mountains and enjoys a protected location. This means that the summer temperatures are always a few degrees higher in Skjomen than elsewhere in the area. The setting along the river is lovely, and the view to the mountains is stunning. However, be warned that if you hit a salmon in the river with your golf ball, the rules say you have to buy everybody salmon for dinner in the clubhouse. Of course, the golf course is open 24 hours in the Midnight Sun period.

Go for a swim in Ornesvika

Narvik sports a lovely beach, only a mile out of town. Here a diving tower allows you to impress with your saltos into the waters of the Ofotfjord. Temperatures are naturally refreshing, but in a good summer, 15C is possible. When a heatwave drives temperatures above the +25C mark, Narvik-ites come out in droves to enjoy Arctic beachlife. For solitude and some alone-time with the Midnight Sun, you of course come at Midnight.  

Slide down the granite slabs

The geology in the Narvik area is ancient, and countless ice ages have worn down the solid granite to giant slabs with a polished surface. This particular geological feature is perfect for experienced mountain bikers. You can rush down the ballroom-like surface from the mountain to the fjord and feel the adrenaline rush. Two locations in the Narvik area are particularly challenging, and hence sought after by international bikers; Verdenssvaet along the fjord Efjord and Reinnesset along the Skjomen fjord. This is of course not for everyone, and for safety one

See the deepest fjord in Midnight sun by RiB

Adrenaline junkies of course go out by RiB boat. The Rombaken Fjord cut deep into the mountains, almost cutting Norway in half. This fjord is surrounded by jagged mountains, with hardly any settlement around. In the middle, the wreck of the German cruiser “Georg Thiele”, sunk in April 1940, juts out of the water. A little stop in Rombaksbotn allows you to walk around the remnants of the veritable town that sprang up as the Ofoten Railway was built around 1900.

How to see the Midnight Sun in Narvik

From the 24th of May to the 19th of July, the sun is up 24 hours in Narvik

No, not by far. Narvik is surrounded by towering mountains. Early and late in this period, you only see the sun from the mountain tops, whereas around mid summer, you can see the sun in the residential areas above the city.

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