Marten Bril

Visiting Northern Norway has never been easier

The direct flight from Frankfurt, Paris and Zürich takes you straight to islands, whales, fjords and vikings in Northern Norway.

A quick flight from Frankfurt, Paris and Zürich to Harstad/Narvik Airport takes you to a world of magic islands, of whales and seabirds, of viking history and majestic fjords. Spend your summer exploring the archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen and the fjord cities of Harstad and Narvik in the endless light of the Arctic summer.

The Lofoten Islands rise steeply from the Atlantic

Lofoten is a chain of steep, green mountains, colourful fishing villages, sandy beaches, short but steep hikes to great views, and great surfing, kayaking, and fishing. Look out for a thriving art scene, including a mysterious street artist, and enjoy fishy cuisine along with the world’s biggest Viking house. Stay the night in an authentic rorbu, a fisherman’s shack

Vesterålen is home to the whale

The giant sperm whales, ferocious orcas, and colourful puffins feed in the rich seas off the Vesterålen archipelago. Whether on coastal hikes with panoramic views, kayaking between the islands, or enjoying coffee in historic fishing villages, you’ll always catch the scent of the salty sea. Explore the scenic route along the Atlantic, cycle along quiet country roads, venture into the mysterious Trollfjord, savour coffee and cheese in a Sami tent, and visit a blue city.

Harstad is old Viking land of fjords and islands

Some of the fiercest Vikings came from Harstad. Trace their legacy in historic Trondenes, where history comes to life, along lush green fjord sides, and out to the myriad of islands. Hike easy trails for wide views, ride an e-bike through fertile farmland, and kayak in serene waters. In the vibrant, welcoming town centre, taste delicacies from Arctic agriculture and savour the the diverse cultural calendar

Narvik is WW2 history among majestic fjords

The towering peaks and deep fjords around Narvik are best explored on fabulous mountain hikes, exhilarating bike rides down smooth-polished rock faces or on a fast fjord boat. Or simply from the cable car. Learn about the big battle of Narvik in 1940 before taking the iron ore train through fjords and mountains to the Swedish border. Hungry? Try Sami cuisine in a lavvu – a Sami tent.

Highlights in Lofoten, Vesterålen, Harstad and Narvik

We have pointed out some of the best know highlights. Use them as guidelines, but make sure to smell the flowers on the way.