Bodø and Salten

A glacier, mountains, island and a strong maelstrom surround the coastal city

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Bodø is the city of the wind

Exposed towards the Vestfjord leg of the Norwegian Sea, under the watchful eye of sea eagles and a key port of the shipping lanes, lies the colourful and pulsating university city of Bodø. The cultural events, concerts, nightlife and excellent restaurants of the town are a great starting point for heading out into the landscape of the Salten region. Closest to Bodø are “værran”, the island communities just beyond the port.

From ice to mountains and from ocean to lakes, there’s a lot to see

The massive Svartisen glacier with its various glacial arms, Børvasstindan – the city mountains, the towering Steigartindan peaks and the border mountains to the east provide shelter for small lakes, sandy beaches and quiet valleys of orchids. The Saltstraumen maelstrom gives two fantastic performances each day.

There is a strong poetic culture here

The old seaside trading posts, the medieval stone churches, the small village museums, the wharfs, the traditional Nordland boats and the boathouses illustrate the coastal culture of the Salten region just as Hamsun described it in his novels. Keep an eye open for galleries, cultural centres, outdoor plays and speciality foods.

Learn more about Bodø

If Bodø is your starting point, you should allow plenty of time to explore some really fascinating locations just out of town.

Bodø and Salten through the year

The City of Bodø and the Salten region change their personalities through they year. Read more about the spirit of the Salten Area through the year:

The Rich Heritage

Salten is an area of ancient history and of a right cultural heritage. Here are some samples.

Exploring the Salten Region

Thousands of islands, fjords, a giant glacier, pointed peaks and inland valleys; Salten has many faces.

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