Urban vibes in the world's northernmost city, surrounded by Arctic coastlines

© Ziggi Wantuch

It’s the most northerly city in the World

At over 70 degrees north, Hammerfest is the world’s northernmost city, with traditions dating back to 1789. At the shops, eateries and meeting places in the compact city center you will meet the Hammerfest residents at home. At Fugleneset, the Meridian column is in memory of when they found out exactly how big the globe is. At the Polar Bear Club you can get proof that you have managed to get to the World’s most northern city.

The city rose from the ashes of war

Only the chapel remained after the devastation of war in 1944. From 1945 the residents began to build a new, modern city with striking architecture and a beautiful church as a landmark. The whole story is told at the Reconstruction Museum, and then you can look around the city afterwards to identify different architecture.

Unspoilt Arctic Nature surrounds the city

The town is surrounded by naked, raw coastal nature, perfect for hiking and skiing. Take the village route to Sørøya and walk on light terrain to Kjøttvikvarden, or take a tougher trip between the peaks and glaciers on Seiland.

Visit Hammerfest

Your guide to Hammerfest is Visit Hammerfest, for short Hammerfest Turist.