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Dog Sledding

Dog-sledding is the environmentally-friendly, Arctic version of Formula One racing. It is on offer almost everywhere in Northern Norway, ranging from a short, one-hour excursion to a week-long expedition in the wilderness. Your involvement can also vary from being driven by a musher (dog handler), to being responsible for harnessing, driving, feeding and tending the dogs. It can be rough and tumble, you'll get snow down the back of your neck, and you'll have to get used to the smell of dog poo, but the dogs run at a natural tempo, and if you fall it will be into soft snow, so it's all great fun. It doesn't take long to learn how to handle a sled; the most important thing is to make sure that you hold on tight, no matter what. The huskies are lean, tough and strong, but as well as running, they love getting lots of attention and petting. You can go dog-sledding everywhere in Northern Norway except in the mild coastal parts of Helgeland and Lofoten. The longest and toughest trips on offer are in Svalbard, Finnmark and south along the Kjølen mountains, and are suitable for anyone who enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors. Since the dogs do most of the work, you don't need to be ultra-fit, but good fitness and mobility are an advantage. 

Dog sledding

Dog sled racing through the landscapes of Northern Norway is an Arctic version of Formula 1 – and it is as much fun for the dogs as it is for you.  Read more

Dressed for winter

Flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and mini-skirts? In summer, maybe. In winter, nope. Up north it is all about woollen socks, fleece jackets and knitted mittens in the winter. Follow  Read more

Finnmarksløpet: Europe’s longest sled dog race

1,200 kilometres with 14 dogs over 5-6 days across snowy Finnmark: 160 teams and more than 1500 dogs will take part in Finnmarksløpet, a great test of strength and a great...  Read more

Trasti & Trine: Dog sledding with the world's best camping food

The dog sledding metropolis of Alta is home to one of the wise old hands of Norwegian dog sledding, Trine Lyrek. She loves to take both novice and experienced mushers into the  Read more

By dog team over the Finnmark plain

Dogsledding over white plains, staying in mountain lodges and visiting reindeer herds; Engholm Husky trips on the Finnmark plain are full of outdoor action. However, you don't  Read more

Dog sledding on the taiga

One of Norway's most distant destinations, the Pasvik valley, is best experienced on a dog sled in the winter. Join a journey of discovery in the "taiga", a coniferous forest  Read more

Tana Husky - 4 day mystery tour

Join a 4-day dog-sledding adventure in Tana. Take a trip in mid-winter for the Northern Lights and sparkling, frosty days. Or drive a dog team in the Midnight Sun in May!  Read more

Cross-border adventure by dog sled

Explore some of Europe’s most untouched wilderness, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest habitation, without polluting or disturbing Nature in her long winter sleep. Join...  Read more
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