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Fishing in Northern Norway

The sea outside Northern Norway is the most abundant in the world. It is here that the Gulf Stream meets the cold, nutrient-rich water of the Arctic Ocean. Each winter the North-Arctic cod migrate to Lofoten to spawn giving rise to the largest cod fisheries in the world. Coley arrive at the coast in the summer. Coastal cod, Atlantic halibut, wolffish, monkfish, haddock, red bream and many other types of fish can be found throughout the year. Northern Norway has some of the best salmon rivers in Europe, and trout and Arctic char are found in countless lakes and rivers. In some waterways there are also Eastern species such as pike, European whitefish, grayling and perch. Anglers are free to fish in the sea and it is easy to find accommodation or hire boats and equipment for deep sea fishing. Freshwater fisherman can easily have a lake or river to themselves. Northern Norway is a vast area that has loads of fish. A fishing license is required however. 

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Freshwater fishing

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