Explore Finnmark

The farthest North of Europe, Finnmark, is a vast land of plains, forest, fjords and wild coasts. Just as varied is the heritage of three cultures and a long, fascinating history.

The legendary sailing mark of the North Cape is the very end of the European landmass. To get here, you travel across the endless tundra, through deep fine forests, along meandering rivers, blue fjords and barren, rugged coasts. This is the homeland of Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sámi, but also the Kven people and the Norwegians call it home. Settled more than 10 000 years ago, the area was always a borderland. Rock carvings, fishing villages and WWII history fascinate history buffs.

The Finnmark year is eight seasons of outdoor fun

The Sami divide the Finnmark year into eight seasons, each with its own weather and light conditions. In dark winter nights, the aurora dances over the rugged landscapes. In the day, the abuntant snow invites to dog sledding, snowmobiling and skiing. For more than two months in summer, the midnight sun keeps you awake and vigorous, tempting you to fish, hike and cycle through the summer landscape. When the heather is ablaze with autumn colours, the abundance of berries and the clarity of rivers and lakes lure the hikers into the wild.