Unique places to stay

© Sorrisniva

Northern Norway offers accommodation that is a little out of the ordinary. Trading posts, lighthouses, fish factories, fishermen’s cabins, and log cabins; you couldn’t be anywhere other than Northern Norway. These types of accommodation are not for everyone, but for the right person it is an unforgettable experience

Northern Norway has a wide range of accommodation, from chain hotels to the very unique places you can find nowhere else. Here are some of the most special places.

Lighthouses lead the way to bed

Stay in a lighthouse, see the midnight sun over the ocean or experience a storm from your cozy nook. Here are three lighthouses that are open to guests with an understanding for solitude and reflection.

Hygge – the way you enjoy Scandi atmosphere

The Danish term hygge, which we Norwegians usually call kos, refers to warmth, atmosphere, candle lights and maybe a bit of nostalgia. Here are some suggestions for a bit of atmosphere.

What is a rorbu?

A rorbu is where the fishermen used to sleep

Feel the history of the coast

The rich coastal culture with the old trading posts, the fisherman’s cabin and the traditional fishing villages; it’s all about fishing, about history and about heritage. Here are some examples.

Cool design adds to the experience

Sleek modern lines combined with good views are an unbeatable combination. Here are some of our favourites.

Stay at a beauty spot

Some places are just beautiful. The view is fantastic, you can do fun excursions and you can study the nightsky hunting the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun. Here are a couple of examples

Some hotels melt away in Summer

If your hotel is made of ice and snow, the indoor temperature is at -4 all the time. Nobody freezes in a snow hotel, and many have the best sleep they’ve ever had. Do you dare?