Camper Vans in Northern Norway

Camper vans offer the ultimate freedom to travellers in Northern Norway. You can travel about and stop wherever you like.

Imagine parking your camper van on your own beach, beside a stream or at a viewing point overlooking fjords, sea and mountains. There are many scenic places in Northern Norway where you can stop. There is lots of space, so you are not disturbing others and there is very little traffic on the roads.

The Law gives you freedom and responsability

It is legal to stay on rest areas along the road provided that you do not stay for more than two days in the same place. You cannot stay where you would be a nuisance to residential houses, and the absolute minimum distance is 150 m (492 ft). In many cases however, you should maintain a greater distance than that. It goes without saying that you should not leave any rubbish behind after you.  You are not allowed to drive off-road, as this damages the natural environment.

Private Roads can be used. Sometimes.

You can only drive on private roads with the owner’s permission. In practice this means that the owner erects a sign if he does not want traffic on his road. Driving on trails is not permitted. Occasionally it can be difficult to see the difference between a country road and a trail, but if you are in doubt, then it is NOT a road.

Don’t block the way for the farmers

Small gate, paths and tractor tracks in the landscape may seem insignificant. However, they can be in daily use by a farmer. If you block these gates with your camper van, this may cause trouble for the daily farm works.

Make use of the Camp Sites

There are numerous camp sites throughout Northern Norway. They provide water, facilities for emptying toilets, sanitary facilities and washing machines. It is nice to meet people with similar interests, and children particularly enjoy this too.

City Parking takes a bit of planning

Of course, cities and towns with residential zoned parking pose a challenge, and you cannot bank on parking wherever you like. However most towns and cities have parking spaces for camper vans, etc.

Fuel and Facilities for Emptying Camper Van Toilets are easy to find

Facilities for emptying camper van toilets are easy to find in Northern Norway. You will find them at petrol stations, camp sites and some other places. There is generally a charge for using them.

Camper Vans During the Winter

More and more people are visiting during the winter, probably to try and see the Northern Lights. You can drive about according to the weather forecast. When there are cold east winds, you can travel to the milder coastal areas, and when snow flurries from the northwest lie like a cover over the coastal areas, you can find a dry valley inland. Some camp sites close during the winter, so you will have to plan a little more carefully than you would in summer.