Varanger is the farthest north east in Norway you can go

Hornøya is Norway’s easternmost point, as far east as Istanbul and Alexandria. Since Vardøhus fortress was built in 1307, Varanger has been Norway’s outpost in the northeast. The old fishing village of Hamningberg is built of Russian timber, while old houses in Vadsø are of a Finnish construction. The ancient sites at Mortensnes testify to ancient Sami settlement.

There is much to see

Along the north side of Varangerfjord, fishing villages, natural oddities and cultural monuments are located close to the National Tourist Route, such as the Bird Mountain on Ekkerøy, the Witch Monument in Vardø and the Partisan Museum in Kiberg. Take a trip across the mountains to modern Båtsfjord, old Kongsfjord and Berlevåg.

Varanger has some of Europe’s most interesting birdlife

The puffins and polar guillimots on Hornøya and kittiwakes on Syltefjordstauran are evidence of rich seas. Stellerendene og praktærfuglene syns Varanger har et behagelig vintervær. I fjæra, i bjørkeskogen og ute på havet er det liv hele året i Varanger.

3 key points to understand the history of Varanger

Despite being as far away from the central powers in Norway, Varanger has a dramatic history. Here you find 3 points of interest.

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