A voyage of discovery in the North

Are you longing for the journey of a lifetime? Northern Norway will very likely have what you are searching for.

The land of the midnight sun, open landscapes and an intriguing culture. When you chose to travel to Northern Norway, you will have a plenty of discovery to look forward to. Milestone after milestone on the long journey to the northernmost end of Europe, the attractions are waiting for you around every bend. 

The road to the North Cape offers many vistas. You can use it all year, albeit only at fixed hours in winter © Marie Nystad

The Arctic Circle 

Cross the Arctic Circle and you will find a different way of living. Pure nature, untouched landscapes and wild scenery. Fjords reaching east to west, north to south. A land with great contrasts, and a feeling of freedom unlike anything else. 

With North Cape as the gem on the northernmost end of Europe, the road leading up there is packed with places to stop, historical sites and detours worth taking. 

polarsirkelen norge tog
The train on Nordland railway crossing the Arctic Circle. Photo: Rune Fossum / nordnorge.com

The list of northernmost’s curiosities up here is long. Including icons like the worlds northernmost city, animal zoo, European City of culture, mosque, theatre, fortress – to the northernmost Burger King. See what you can expect.

Something new around every turn

If you choose to travel here by land, you can expect a new view around every turn. Post card motives making you spend twice as much time driving from A to B, because every resting place along the road is a place to stop to catch a gaze and capture the view. 

From the open landscapes with broad horizons – the intense blue, crystal clear water and white beaches, to the wild pine forests in saturated green and beige. 15 minutes later you are in the high lands with limited vegetation, sculpturing landscapes creating a mesmerizing feeling of freedom.

In the middle of nowhere – you will find everything.

This is arctic. 

When the sun stays above the horizons for months, you will experience an energy boost unlike anything else. You can expect feeling more energized and restless when every moment of the day is a moment of opportunity for a new experience. 

Therefore, any time of the day is a good time to take a walk in some of the cultural landscapes: 

The urban Arctic 

Nature and urban life are closely related in the Arctic, because anywhere you go, nature is right there. You will find the big, vibrant cities, the small towns, and the cozy traditional fishing villages. Some are still running on high gear, others are packed with a rich history and a fascinating culture. 

You can visit the larger, more vibrant cities for excellent dining and walks in museums, and head to the smaller ones for cozy experience – close to nature. 


In Alta, you find the petroglyphs scripted down by a settlement dating from c. 4200 to 500 B.C. Thousands of years later, you are here, walking in the footsteps of the ancient humans.

Travelling further North, experience the UNESCO heritage The Struve Arc in Hammerfest. A chain of survey triangulations stretching from Hammerfest the Black Sea, the first accurate measuring of the meridian back in 1855. 

The Sámi 

You can’t visit the northernmost part of Europe, without learning something about the indigenous people of the north. Spread across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, the Sámi people are the original habitants. Many still cary the philosophy and tradition of the old culture. The most prominent sign of that is probably the traditional music, the joik, and in the Sámi clothing, arts and crafts.

Sámi experiences could include visiting a reindeer herder, eat a delicious meal with local produce, ride a reindeer sleds, learn about Sámi spirituality, buy Sámi handcrafts or hear the Sámi storytellers tell their story. We promise there is a lot of inspiration and wisdom to obtain.