Cuisine in Northern Norway

© Ørjan Bertelsen

Cod, coley, Atlantic halibut, herring, haddock and red bream from the most bountiful sea in the world, reindeer, elk, sheep and goats from the Northern Norwegian forests, mountains and plateaus.

The food in Northern Norway is among the very best. Atlantic cod in February, a festive reindeer stew served in a Sami tent, fresh coley cooked on the shore on a summer evening or some lefse (Norwegian flatbread) with sugar, butter, and brown cheese at a ferry café; the food is both varied and entertaining in Northern Norway. 

Autumn temptations

With fine material comes delicious taste

Modern Northern Norway has restaurants, and smaller cafes serving you the most delicious meals. However, this has not been the case in a historical aspect. Much of the food, like stockfish, you find in Northern Norway is a result of a period of time in history when people did not have that much money, or technology, or all other things that we are used to today. One thing though have always been the same, some of the purest and freshest ingredients the world has to offer.