Cycling is a great way to explore the Northern Norwegian landscape, either by a leisurely road trip or on a challenging mountain bike. Here are five trips from all of Northern Norway, although we know about many more.

Mountain biking across the Finnmark plateau:

Path cyclists can reach deep into the wilderness on the Finnmark plateau, a plateau landscape with rolling hills with undergrowth and virtually no development. Here you cycle on tractor tracks, small paths and sometimes in the heather. Nights are spent in mountain huts with a sauna. The trips are offered in small groups and are best suited for those who have already tried mountain biking.

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Island hopping in Helgeland:

Many of the 20,000 islands in Helgeland have houses, ferry connections and a network of small roads along the beach, which are easy to cycle on. Underneath the remarkable island mountains, which have inspired myths and fairy tales, are the characteristic narrow Nordland houses, churches from the Middle Ages, quays, salmon farming and ancient monuments. The frequent ferries are a welcome break and there are places to stay and eat on the islands. Bike hire and package trips are available.




This week-long trip includes some of the most breathtaking Northern Norwegian outer coastline and islands, such as the archipelago at Sommarøy, the steep outer coastline of Senja, the sandy beaches and the horizon along the outer side of Andøya and the pointed mountains on Austvågøya. Three national tourist roads are connected, but there is limited traffic. There are ferries between the islands and the route follows the coastline, so there are not too many hills in the trip. The trip is sold as a package trip, but you could easily organise it yourself.

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Bike trips in Lofoten:

The islands of Lofoten are a treasure chest of dramatic nature, colourful fishing villages, galleries, good restaurants and fun activities. The distances between the interesting places are short and the road follows the coast. It is also easy to



Lavkaløypa, the Lavka route: 

68 kilometres and 800 height metres between two valleys in the wild border mountains between Lyngenfjorden and Finland; is this then only for extreme riders? Not really; if it is too steep you just wheel your bike up. Neither is the route technically difficult. The landscape of deep valleys, wild mountains and mountain tarns is breathtakingly beautiful and in various places you can see the remains of the rifle positions along the Lyngenlina, the Lyngen line, built by malnourished Soviet prisoners of war in autumn 1944. This is a day trip that requires stamina, but you do not have to be particularly good at mountain biking.

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