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Take the train or the bus to Northern Norway

Taking the train to Northern Norway means you can take the train to the railhead. In the far north, there are buses across the borders.

The European rain network reaches all the way to Northern Norway. But is doesn’t go all the way to the top our out to the coast. Here long distance buses are the thing.

Trains from Southern Scandinavia to Northern Norway

From Oslo and Trondheim

The Nordland Railway, Nordlandsbanen, is the northern end of the Norwegian rail network. You can take a train from Oslo to Trondheim, then change for the Nordland Railway through Mosjøen, Mo i Rana and Fauske to Bodø. They offer both night trains with sleepers as well as day trains. Book trains at the Norwegian Nationa Railways‘ homepage.

From Stockholm and Kiruna

The Ofoten Railway, Ofotbanen, is an extension of the Swedish rail network. Night trains leave Stockholm for Boden/Luleå, Kiruna, the winter sport resort of Riksgränsen and Narvik.

Book your tickets at the home page of the Swedish National Railways. For shorter trips across the border, you can also buy tickets from a machine at the railway station in Narvik.


The train companies offer discounts when there is less, for children, students and seniors. Check their websites well ahead, it pays!

Bus from Finland and Russia

There is no such thing as a long distance bus from Southern Norway. However, you can cross the border in the far north by bus.

The Arctic Route

The Arctic Route offers a network of buses across borders in the winter season, useful if you’re holidaying in more than one country in Arctic Scandinavia.

  • Bus Rovaniemi-Tromsø
  • Bus Narvik-Tromsø
  • Train Narvik-Luleå
  • Bus Luleå – Rovaniemi
  • Bus Tromsø-Alta

Eskelisen Lapin Linjat: Buses from Finland to Norway

The Finnish bus company Eskelisen Lapin Linjat operates a number of routes, depending on the time of year, from Rovaniemi to various destinations in Northern Norway.

  • Bus Karasjok – Rovaniemi all year. Onward connection with Norwegian buses to the North Cape, Hammerfest and Alta, notably.
  • Bus Rovaniemi – Vadsø in summer
  • Bus Rovaniemi – Nordkapp (North Cape) in summer
  • Bus Rovaniemi-Tromsø in summer. Also in part of the winter, integrated in the Arctic Route

Bus to Russia

There is a daily bus to Murmansk in Russia from Kirkenes. Most nationals need a visa to go to Russia.