Winter is the coolest time, the visitors say

Winter is not always the coldest time in the north, but for sure the coolest. Enjoy the Northern Lights, colorful sky and epic scenery. Experience the arctic wildlife, coastal culture and sami culture. Have joyful moments and fun in the snow. Everything under our limitless sky.

Winter is coming, are you? Arctic living is a cool and fairly mild experience along our long coastline. Most destinations of Northern Norway are accessible throughout the winter – start planning your trip to the north today.

The coolest time to see the Northern Lights

The Northern lights are one of mother nature’s greatest light shows. An enigma that draws thousands to the northern polar regions each year, inspiring myth, legend and an incomparable sense of awe! The Northern Lights oval passes over the coast of Northern Norway. This means that Northern Norway has the most Northern Lights on the planet. Check the weather forecast first, and then the solar activity.

The NORTHERN LIGHTS always captivated my attention, the stunning BEAUTY OF NATURE!

Visitor from Southern Norway

The coolest time to see the Colorful Sky

The Arctic Light, winter pastels or glowing sunsets will take your breath away. These wonderful phenomenons have become favorite objects for photographers who would like to capture the ever changing winter light. Even those of us who live here are constantly captivated by the dancing colors in the sky.

Almost on my way …

Visitor from the Netherlands

The coolest time to enjoy the Epic Sceneries

Being out in nature a lot, and cultivating the great outdoors, is also deeply rooted in the Norwegian identity. Hiking, biking, kayaking and even relaxing outdoors. It’s about observing the surroundings with both a “macro lens” and a wide-angle perspective. In the north you need both! Norwegian Scenic Routes are selected roads that run through landscapes with unique natural qualities, along coasts and fjords, mountains and waterfalls. Alternatives to the main roads, and the drive itself might be an enjoyable experience.

The most amazing beach! You should visit Bleik, and if the weather is nice, stay and have a picnic. And maybe even go for a swim if you are the tough type!

Visitor from USA

The coolest time to experience the Arctic Wildlife

Northern Norway has many beautiful wildlife species. Sea eagles, polar bears, reindeer, whales, dolphins, and puffins are just some of them. Some of the biggest nesting cliffs in Europe are found by the bountiful sea here. Whale species including orcas, harbour porpoises, dolphins and humpback whale can often be seen along the coast. It is not difficult to spot reindeer anywhere in Northern Norway and Svalbard. Elk is often seen also, usually near settlements in Nordland and Troms. 

To see the orcas and the humpbacks in the Skjervøy fjord was one of the most intense, charming and beautiful experience I’ve had!

Visitor from Germany

The coolest time to experience the Coastal Culture

The world’s richest cod-fishing takes place every winter here. For nearly 1000 years, dried fish has been exported to Europe. This has shaped daily life, as well as the history of the people along our coastline. Learn more about this important heritage, stay in the traditional rorbu cabins, go fishing and take stroll though the historical environment between the arctic seawater and steep mountains.

Fantastic place to learn about cod fishing.

Visitor from Switzerland

The coolest time to experience the Sami Culture

In the far north of Europe, ancient sounds, unique craftwork traditions, and a particular language live side by side with modern technology. The Sami culture is the oldest culture in large areas of Northern Norway and is currently experiencing a strong renaissance. Around 2,600 Sami people in Norway make their living from herding reindeer, and the majority of the region of Northern Norway is actually used for raising reindeer. Traditionally, most Sami people have been fishing, livestock farming, and hunting, along the coast, on the fjords and alongside the large rivers farther inland. Today, a large proportion of the Sami people live have moved into the towns. Even more, they still live in traditional Sami settlement areas, but living a more modern lifestyle.

Still so grateful for the help two Sámi guys offered me when I got off the road, with my car on a lonesome road high up at the very end of Norway! Such kind people!! …

Visitor from Belgium

The coolest time to have Joyful Moments

During winter, large parts of Northern Norway is often transformed into a snow-covered haven. It’s no secret that skiing is deeply rooted in our traditions, and it’s still a big part of the Norwegian lifestyle. However, there are many other fun things to do that don’t require skis, whether you’re travelling in the mountains, in a city, or along the coast.

Did the dog sledding in Tromsø last year. Fell more times than I would like to admit … But I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Visitor from Great Britain

The coolest time to have fun in the Snow

Small, glittering crystals fill the air, covering the trees, hills and mountains. Are you as excited as we are? Soon, the ground will be blanketed in white, powdery snow. Ready for you to play!

Beautiful place, been walking there from Alta over to Porsanger, in Winter on Ski.

Visitor from Netherland

The coolest time to just being under our Limitless Sky

Our nature is a haven for mindfulness and the perfect place for a relaxing holiday or a real digital detox. Reconnect with yourself, the people around you, and mother nature herself. The beauty of nature has a unique way of making us feel at ease.

I visited Northern Norway years BACK. Beautiful! Would enjoy to spend a white winter there again!!

Visitor from the UK