Experience the Fjords and Northern Lights on the same holiday?

Fly directly from the UK to Bergen in Fjord Norway, and continue to Bodø or Tromsø in Northern Norway for a Northern Lights adventure. Swap drab and grey views for an authentic winter wonderland experience with a twin-centre city stay

Untouched landscapes that look like they’re straight from a Munch painting. Cuisine that’s so fresh you can still feel the salty water that it was pulled from. The surreal and beautiful Northern lights (they’re on your bucket list for a reason). Enjoy the landscape and culture of the Fjord Norway region and then travel up north to experience the beauty and thrills of the arctic, from dog sledding to hunting down the famous Northern lights.

Fly to the Fjords, and then head north!     

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Tranøy fyr (c) www.flightseeing.de
Northern Lights over Tranøy lighthouse, Hamarøy. Photo: FlightSeeing.de / nordnorge.com

Welcome to the North!

Bodø – European City of Culture 2024

Sitting between an archipelago and the open ocean, vibrant and lively Bodø is the heart of the Salten region and Northern Norway’s second biggest city. A glacier, mountains, islands and a strong maelstrom surround it. It’s also located in the northern lights belt just north ofthe arctic circle.

This is the place to walk the streets, have coffee in chic coffee bars, dine in a good restaurant and go shopping. Photographers go out on the breakwater ro to the little Nyholm fortress to vapture the view of the city with the peaks in the background or climb the hill at Rønvikfjellet to see the city from above. The northern light aren´t the only attraction, as Body´s´s selection as a European city of culture in 2024 attests. The Stormen concert hall and the new library are the newest cultural landmarks. 

Bodø and Salten

The Saltfjord is a huge fjord system, reaching 80 km inland. However, near the mouth thereis a passage that is both shallow andnarrow. You could compare it with all 90,000 footballfans at Wembley Stadium trying to get out through a single door after the match. When thetide comes in, there is simply way too much water pressing its way through the narrows. Afantastic spectacle ofwhirlpools can be observed from the cliffs on the shore as the waterrushes through in 10 to 15 knots. Go there with a fishing rod or take a RiB tour.

There is a whole world of adventure waiting for you in northern Norway. Cross country skiing in Sulitjelma is recognised as some of the best in the whole of Norway. In Sulisfjellet, Fjellfarer runs cross-country trails, which Martin Johnsrud Sundby describes as World Cup standard. Dog sledding is another authentic winter experience that you can enjoy either as a passenger or driving your own team. No previous experience is needed to drive the sled into the white landscapes and enjoy the arctic nature. You get to meet your dogs first and prepare the sled together. They are a bunch of barking huskies more excited than you to start the trip! They are well used to visitors, great with children and love getting your attention and petting.

Tromsø – Paris of the North

A vibrant city with arctic history, culture and cuisine, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands below the Northern Lights. With a visible past, a fascinating history, a lively, colourful city centre, an inclusive nightlife and numerous attractions. Use Tromsø as a base to foray into Arctic wilderness chasing Northern Lights.

Today, Tromsø has a mature tourist industry specialising in finding the Northern Lights. The amount of organized tours by bus, minibus, boat, snowmobile and dogsledding heading out every night to hunt for those green rays is impressive. This assures you to get the best experience under the Northern Lights. The competition is fierce, so everybody is on their tiptoes to make sure that the lights are found.

See how a northern lights tour can be.

Narvik – Stunning landscape, northern lights and a ski paradise

Narvik is both an interesting and beautiful city, located in a wild and rugged landscape – ideal for Northern Lights safaris! The mountains soar 1,800 metres (5,905 ft) straight up out of the Ofotfjord to form some of our country’s wildest landscapes. Not only is this spectacularly beautiful site, this is even a city that offers Northern Lights safari by train.

Ski from summit to the city. Narvik is a dream destination for the ski lovers, off-pist or cross country. This is because the city is laying so close to Narvikfjellet Mountain, where you can ski downhill a thousand meters of elevation to the fjord and city below. This is the future World Championship tracks, available for you to try out.

Senja – A Micro-kontinent

There is nothing stopping the fury of the Atlantic from hitting the outer coast of Senja. The coast drops 7-800 metres from the mountain tops directly into the ocean. The landscape is rock hard, with barren cliffsides and rocky promontories. There are also coves and bays with fishing villages, and some of the sandy beaches are of that South Sea quality.  

Senja Island is like a micro-kontinent, with a mountainous spine, a friendly southern coast, light birch forests, farmland and a wild, stormy and precipitous ocean side. Go to the ocean side for a bit of drama, and head east for relaxation. It’s an area with great contrasts, both in scenery, activities and weather.

Alta – The City of the Northern lights

Alta’s dry climate offers cold clear winters. The Northern Lights town of Alta is blessed with a dry climate, because it lies deep within the beautiful Altafjord. In winter, temperatures can drop below minus 30, but the dry climate makes the cold a part of the experience. The light and darkness of the north is fascinating with the Arctic winter light combined with the northern lights. 

Winter’s most beautiful fairytale, dog sledding into the wilderness

Finnmarksløpet go through magnificent Arctic landscape © Geir Stian Larsen

Winter’s most beautiful adventure, Finnmarksløpet (Dog sledding race), starts from Alta every year in March and is a popular experience for visitors. Dog-interested guests can visit local dog farms throughout the year and even try to run their own dog sled team in the winter.

Kirkenes – King Crabs, wilderness and dramatic WWII history

Kirkenes is the far East of Norway, a cozy town, surrounded by wilderness and great nature. It’s a mekka for King Crabs, and you have several organized boat tours for visitors to join the crab fishing, and enjoy the meal afterwords.

A couple laying on the bed in Kirkenes Snow Hotel.

Inside the Kirkenes Snow Hotel you have the chance to make a once in a lifetime experience – sleep comfortable on ice. In the snow hotel, the rooms have a temperature of -4, even if it is -30 outside. Wrapped in a comfy sleeping bag, you may have the best sleep in your life. The Kirkenes Snow Hotel is adorned with ice sculptures, with a new theme every winter. A true piece of art.

Magic has never been more accessible!

Now that you have seen the best of the north, it is time to head south and experience one of the most spectacular landscape in the World. Fjord Norway. It has never been more accessible, due to Widerøes direct flights to Bergen from Bodø and Tromsø. Here you can enjoy adventures in and around Bergen, spectacular fjords, world-class dining and iconic scenery.

Welcome to Fjord Norway!

An image from Fjord Norway

Read more about this unique combination at the Fjords and Northern Lights website.

The Norwegian fjords are transformed in winter. They become rawer and wilder, and the landscape is dominated by a constantly changing mix of light, colour and sound. Winter is the season for magical experiences in Fjord Norway, which you can experience in lots of ways.

Bergen – A European City of Culture

A European city of culture, a World Heritage city and a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Bergen is located in the heart of the Fjords, and is the very start of your Norwegian adventure. There’s a whole host of attractions to keep you busy, too many for one day. The Hanseatic wharf Bryggen, Bergen Aquarium, the Fløibanen funicular and the Fish Market, are just a few of the activities on offer in this vibrant city. The KODE has one of the largest Edvard Munch collections in the world, as well as an impressive Nikolai Astrup collection.

Local food relies on fresh produce and the freshest of catches and seafood is a delicacy you can enjoy all year round, especially in the winter. The weather not only keeps seafood fresher for longer but also makes it tastier, pulling out the higher omega 3 fats. Enjoy the most delicious catches at BARE, the Michelin stared restaurant.

An image from Fjord Norway showing a viewpoint over Bergen.

Sognefjord – The King of the Fjords

If city life is something you are wanting to escape then Bergen is the perfect place to start your exploration into the fjords. Experience the Sognefjord and the Nærøyfjord easily with Norway in a Nutshell – combine train, boat and bus for a simple and environmentally friendly experience. Flåmsbanen is a 20km train journey that works its way down the mountain to the fjord. You can spend the day in Flåm, go to Stegastein for the great Fjord view, taste Ægir beer at the local brewery and join a Fjord safari. Why not end your adventure with a luxurious stay overnight at the Fretheim hotel? There’s another scenic route you can take from Bergen to Sognefjord by catching the local express boat and experiencing how the vikings would have seen things. It’s no wonder National Geographic Traveller voted Norwegian fjords the best destination in the world.

Winter in fjord norway, a woman in a blue, ice cave looking around.

Trolltunga – The Trolls Tongue

Trolltunga is the most spectacular rock formation in Norway. Located on the western edge of Hardangerfjord, it can be reached as the final destination of a hike that starts in Skjeggdeal, finishing at 700 metres above the lake Ringedalsvatnet. The hike is a challenge, especially during the winter season, so it’s advised that you experience Trolltunga with a local guide-either on a one or two-day expedition.

Our guides know to respect nature and will always put your safety first, but winter is a great time to avoid the summer crowds, so put on your snowshoes and join the adventure. You can stay the night at Trolltunga “arctic dome”, an accommodation formed like an igloo with a see-through ceiling and walls and witness the beautiful sunset in the snow-covered landscape. This is an adventure that encounters peace and solitude unlike anywhere else.

Trolltunga with two people on top, looking out over the fjord.
A group of people going up a snow covered mountain in snowshoes.