On the outer side you meet the ocean

On the outer edges of the island mountain tops crash hundreds of meters down steep faced cliffs into the sea. On sunny summer days you can stroll along the beaches, while in Winter storms bring hurricane forced winds which batter the coastline. Fishing villages are bound together by the narrow, winding and visually stunning National Tourist Route that runs around outer Senja.

The inner side is green and lush

Beyond the rugged coastal mountains another world awaits; lush birch forests, streams and still waters. Along the south and eastern side of the island you’ll find green fielded farms, protected from the coastal storms. The cultural heritage is both Sami and Norwegian.

Senja is a place you can really explore

Kayaking between the 98 islands of Bergsfjord, skiing down the steep mountains in the winter, fishing for cod in March, hiking to mountain peaks in the midnight sun, watching aurora stretch out into open ocean and cycling along the National Tourist Road. This island was made for the adventurer, both experienced and novice.

Visit Senja

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