Tranøya is an old centre in the middle lane

Some places were once the center of it all, the place where everything happened, where everyone met. Once it was Tranøya where you went to baptize your child, hear news and buy essentials. If you visit Tranøya today, it is the tranquility that prevails. Yes, things change.

The church at Tranøy is from 1775, but the location has been a church site since the Middle Ages. The church is built in the cruciform and has 200 seats. Close by lies the presbytery, with several buildings from the 17-18th century.

Why build a church on an abandoned island?

At the time all sailed by boat, Tranøya was in the middle of the boating network. The ancient monuments of Tranøya are 2000 years old, and the island was often the centre of power in pre-Christian times and in the Middle Ages. Until the 1800 century, people from Dyrøy and Sørreisa went to Tranøy to go to church

Practical information

Tranøya is an island just off the south coast of Senja

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